JQC v. WATSON – it’s almost over, folks.  The JQC has rested, and the Defense already started with its character witnesses.  Tuesday saw Tom Lynch and Watson’s childhood friend/JNC member Terrence O’Connor going to bat for the embattled judge.  Star witness Jack Seiler takes the stand tomorrow at nine, with the whole mess wrapping up shortly thereafter. 

Is this a clear cut case of the Florida Bar punting on a serious matter, or is the JQC railroad running full steam, as some claim?  It’s still hard for us to tell exactly what this whole thing is about, and judging from the confused looks on some panel members’ faces, we’re not the only ones.  One thing’s for sure, when juror Mayanne Downs, past president of the Florida Bar, asked Watson if she had checked with the Bar’s 1-800-ETHICS anonymous hotline to make sure a complicated contract indemnity provision passed muster, it really made the JQC look bad. 

And to think the Supreme Court still hasn’t been able to deal with the egregious and insulting conclusions in Gardiner’s Bar case, while Watson’s convoluted JQC matter has thus far proceeded with lightning speed …

“Don’t Blame Us” – in all fairness, it seems some of the Gardiner Opinion delay is due to Respondent’s answer brief not being filed in the appropriate font.  Got that?

From the Supreme Court’s docket in Bar v. Gardiner:

Respondent’s answer brief, which was filed with this Court on July 12, 2013, does not comply with Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.210 and is hereby stricken. Respondent is hereby directed, on or before February 5, 2014, to serve an amended answer brief which is double-spaced and submitted in either Times New Roman 14 point font or Courier New 12 point font …

Come on.  It’s not going to hurt that bad, is it? …

“Beyond the Pale” – that’s how Howard Finkelstein categorizes reports of attorney Bradford Cohen’s  recent outbursts against this here blog, and developments in his own ongoing dispute with psychologist Michael Brannon

You can read about Bradford Cohen v. JAABLOG over at BrowardBeat.com, and you can see /files/34726-32374/jan_27.pdf”>and was forwarded in January to Satz, as part of a follow-up general request for investigation into a variety of issues.  Satz’s blustery responses SDFL: Judge Richard Rosenbaum