“It’s the most horrible feeling. You’re helpless … At that moment I lost all my faith in the judicial system.”Sylvia Rios, mother of Dasyl Rios, to CBS Channel 4.

As the disturbing video shot Monday morning makes its way around the country and the world, people are once again waiting for chief judge Peter Weinstein to publicly address the ongoing problems plaguing the 17th Judicial Circuit …

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The following applicants have applied to replace Gisele Pollack on the county bench:

Adriana Alcalde, Betsy Benson, Mari Blumstein, Ana Braun, Monique Brochu, Haccord Curry, Nickolaus Davis, Brenda Di Ioia, Nina Weatherly Di Pietro, Phoebee Francois, Donald Gelin, Doreen Inkles, Ernest Kollra, Mark Kushner, Stefanie Moon, Chris Narducci, Andy Newman, Michele McCaul Ricca, Abbe Rifkin, Sue-Ann Robinson, Richard Sachs, Rhoda Sokoloff, Claudette Vanni.

The JNC will announce the interview list shortly, and the interviews will be held on March 3rd.

The list is notable for the first time application ofNina Weatherly Di Pietro , wife of Republican operative David Di Pietro.  Her candidacy for this slot has been quite the topic of conversation amongst JNC watchers, as rumor has it she’s already been chosen to replace Pollack.  Everyone will be watching this one, as there are lawyers with much greater experience in the applicant pool, and since this JNC has already been criticized for picking judges based on connections rather than qualifications.

Wait and see …