Rumor has it John Contini has denied the SAO’s Motion to Disqualify as legally insufficient (4:34 PM) …

UPDATESS: Contini denies Motion (5:02 PM)

“Public Defender Howard Finkelstein said it was “much ado about nothing.” He found it disingenuous of Satz, saying Satz has had little reaction when Broward judges have been brought up on DUI charges and in other investigations.

“We’ve had some real problems with the Broward judiciary,” Finkelstein said. “This is not even a ripple in the ocean of problems that we’ve had, yet this is the first time we hear from the State Attorney’s Office.”


The SAO filed this Motion To Disqualify against John Contini late this afternoon, on every single pending case in the criminal division he presides over.  It sets the stage for an interesting docket tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM, when Contini comes out and the State asks for a ruling on the first case to be called.  Contini could be ready with an Order, or another judge could fill in so the docket can be heard, pending a decision on the blanket motion.

Lots of wrinkles on this one, so we’ll be back later once we figure out the back story, as well as the different paths the judges can take if it’s decided they want to support Contini, and can legally keep him in his current assignment …


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Laura Watson’s latest bombshell:

Judge Watson’s Notice of Direct Criminal Contempt by The Florida Bar and Judicial Qualifications Commission


Motion to Reject the Report and Recommendations of the JQC Based Upon Perjury, Fraud, Spoliation of Evidence, and Numerous Violations of the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, and Other Related Relief