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1.) JNC Controversy Brewing – last Wednesday’s JNC interviews resulted in six names being forwarded to the Governor for consideration to replace Eric Beller.  Despite many qualified black applicants, none were included on the short list, which means Broward will remain with six African-American judges, out of ninety total.

Compounding the concern is Mary Robinson’s rumored retirement.  Although her office failed to return a call confirming whether the long-time county judge is indeed calling it quits this year, the rumor mill is in full gear, with many lawyers already jockeying for position in case the seat opens up.  It’s not unrealistic to imagine the number of black judges slipping to five, given the nature of Broward politics.

Is the JNC process another relic that can’t slip the shackles of institutional racism?  Or is partisan politics the culprit, given the fact many qualified African-American lawyers have a “D” somewhere in their past, like Kal Evans, the only black judge appointed in Broward thus far by Republican Rick Scott.

It’s true the appointment process seems to have gotten more partisan since the rule change went into effect giving chief executives more control over choosing JNC members.  It’s also true the current governor has passed over many fine attorneys, and a judge or two, who weren’t solid “R”.  And while current JNC member Bill McCormick, seated in the first position on the left in the picture above, is brazen enough to wear Republican Elephant Cuff Links to a supposedly non-partisan interview selection process, it’s also a cold, hard fact that blacks weren’t any better represented on the bench under decades of Democrat controlled JNCs and governors.

We’ve got calls in to the current JNC members, asking to discuss all of the issues described above.  Hopefully some or all of them will call back.  It’s a matter of great public importance,* particularly with Cindy Imperato’s circuit seat currently in the application phase …

(* The DBR is polishing off a story detailing the 17th Circuit’s diversity woes, to run shortly … )


2.) The walkway from the North Wing to the new courthouse undergoing finishing touches …


3.) Eric Schwartzreich fires up the faithful in support of Peter Peraza.


4.) FSP on Ice …


5.) SuperLawyer Guy Lewis with his 1972 Mercedes-Benz 600swb Limousine at the 2016 Boca Raton Concours d’ Elegance.  This beauty underwent a $250,000 restoration, and was once used by Luciano Pavarotti.

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Trump aide Corey Lewandowski has added a third lawyer to his defense team, Broward’s Bradford Cohen.  Cohen joins Kendall Coffey and Scott Richardson in defending the campaign manager against misdemeanor battery allegations up in Jupiter.

Richardson’s assistant relayed the following message from her boss this morning:

Mr. Cohen is on the team, and he’s very pleased to have him join them.”

Here’s Cohen on the Today Show with Matt Lauer this morning.


The latest Broward bailiff caught up in allegations of illegal activity is Joe Safonte, who also happens to be an FOP chapter president.

Bob Norman has the goods here, after an anonymous tip from a JAABLOG reader got the ball rolling.

Please keep the tips coming, to help hold judges, prosecutors, and other law enforcement types to the same impossibly high standards demanded of Broward’s minority offenders …



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OPEN TO THE PUBLIC – JNC Interviews to fill county seat vacated by Eric Beller, Wednesday, March 23rd, Room 1882, North Wing, Central Courthouse.

Rifkin’s Turn? – Lots of rumors swirling concerning Abbe Rifkin.  Having been through the JNC ringer, Abbe was kind enough to confirm earlier today she’s indeed exploring all options for 2016 including running, and the possibility of filing against a sitting judge who already has an opponent.  Any guesses? …

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