Where’s Weinstein? – we left a couple of messages for Peter Weinstein today, as morale is at an all-time low around the Broward courthouse.  Campaigning judges seem to be everywhere but work, leaving other judges to cover, who then sometimes disappear themselves. It just doesn’t seem right, and you’re paying for it, dear readers.

Case in point, Raag Singhal covering Matt Destry’s docket for days on end, except the ever-volatile Singhal didn’t turn up for work himself last Monday, most notably leaving David Bogenschutz’s high profile defense of Dr. Augustine Bollo to be re-tried before Marty Bidwill.  Singhal’s reportedly out all week, with no return date in sight, at least according to one high-level source who told us today that Raag is “on leave for personal reasons“, and that “he had to take some time“.  Hopefully Weinstein will call back with more definitive answers on Singhal’s status and return, as well as insight regarding workplace expectations for judges who also happen to be running a campaign.

Although the chief judge wasn’t available to talk about the important issues described above, he was thankfully able to send the following email this afternoon arranging a luncheon for visiting 4th DCA judges toward the end of the month.

As follows:

to ALL

On Tuesday, June 28th, Judges Forst, Ciklin and Levine will be hearing oral arguments in our courthouse.  I am setting up a lunch appointment for them to join us. If you are interested, please reply to this email so we can get a count.  I thought Bravos on 17th street would be good as they have good food and ample parking.

Please let me know if you wish to join us.


We’re not too sure who “ALL” would be, but since judicial email is public record, and since it’s likely taxpayer dollars are being used for everything, in addition to the visiting jurists’ salaries, we think you ought to have a seat at the table too.

Call 954-831-5506 to RSVP …

COMING SOON – What did Matt Destry tell the Sun Sentinel concerning the instigation of mitigation proceedings on behalf of Herbert Smith?;  Kendrick Busby vindicated!

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Mike Satz’s public information officer Ron Ishoy doesn’t like having his picture taken, as evidenced by this shot from this morning.  Hopefully the ever mysterious Ishoy is working on a press release explaining why, seeing as how he’s paid close to two and a half times the salary* of a starting prosecutor to serve as Satz’s liaison with the community.

Just another day in Broward …

* Ishoy’s current salary is listed in public records at $102,314.28