The following is from a transcript of a sentencing hearing from 2015 before a Broward circuit judge, adult court.  The request for downward departure was denied.  The defendant scored prison because of a residential burglary charge.  The judge is still assigned in the criminal division.

THE DEFENDANT: I still have family here to support me. Keep me moving in the right direction. And I’ve learned. And I have grown from the person that I used to be. And now I see that I want a future. I want to be someone. But I want to earn it. I don’t want people to just look at me and judge me just by the way my hair is or the color of my skin.

THE COURT: They’re going to do that, man. … And I have been judged by the way I look my whole life. And every time a minority commits a crime or gets accused of a crime, that person makes it worse for all of us. Make no mistake about it. Because of what you did, not only are you going to be judged by it, every minority is going to be judged by it. Make no mistake about it. The woman that lives in that house, she’s never going to look at a black person the same way. And that’s your fault. … So when we hear about could a Ferguson happen here? Absolutely. It could happen here. Part of that is your fault. Just like how in Ferguson, nobody seems to care that Michael (Brown) goes into a store, manhandles the store owner, steals the cigars, does all that stuff. Everyone seems to forget. But if the store owner had a gun, a bullet in Michael Brown’s head, he would be dead. No problem. And people wouldn’t have a problem with him being dead.

                        APPROPRIATE OR INAPPROPRIATE?   

                                    WISE OR WORRISOME?

                               CAN YOU GUESS THE JUDGE?

                            YOU MAKE THE CALL!

                                    (Shooting of Michael Brown)

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