BSO Crime Lab “Touch” DNA issues Tiffany Roy,  a forensic DNA Consultant, in conjunction with attorneys Rich Merlino and Monique Brochu, have BSO hopping.

From an October 2, 2015 email from Roy to the American Society of Crime Lab Directors (ASCLD):

“(After reviewing a BSO Crime Lab case) … serious concerns were raised for me regarding the methods being employed by Broward County in the interpretation of complex DNA mixtures … It appears to me that Broward County is misunderstanding the use of the stochastic threshold and the purpose of determining which locations are to be used for statistical calculations prior to comparing DNA standards to questioned profiles.  The approach they are using now is biased and the result is an overestimation of evidentiary weight, in some cases interpreting evidence that should not be interpreted … I’m certain a great many cases have been effected by this and may warrant a much wider review … ” (emphasis added)

(The email is found here)

ASCLD may have found some irregularities.  From a June 14, 2016 Motion to Compel:

Ms. Roy … indicated that , pursuant to an inquiry and complaint that she lodged … to ASCLD/LAB, as the accrediting agency for the BSO DNA UNIT, she received a response last Thursday, June 9, 2016, from ASCLD/LAB, indicating that her prior complaint to ASCLD/LAB regarding DNA testing by the BSO Crime Lab had been addressed and apparently the Sheriff’s Office has responded to said complaint and a hearing is to be held … Given the fact that a hearing has apparently been scheduled, it is likely that BSO has responded to the complaint and is invoking its due process rights with regard to defending itself on the merits of Ms. Roy’s complaints which strike at the heart of BSO’s policies, procedures, testing techniques, and the related authenticity and accuracy of DNA testing results … ”

(The motion is found here)

(Knife handle swab at issue)


Motion to Dismiss – “Argument: Overtly Racist Targeting By Broward County Sherrif’s Office”, filed by Kevin Kulik in State of Florida  Vs. Louis Hilaire …

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