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OPINION: State v. Daryl Miller

*UPDATE* – SS/Rafael Olmeda – Is Broward named for a racist? Courthouse statue controversy raises question

“The decision on whether or not to remove any fixture lies with the Broward Board of County Commissioners,” (Jack Tuter’s) office said in an email. “The Seventeenth Judicial Circuit does encourage the Board of County Commissioners to remove the fixture if evidence suggests the monument stands for a person who was involved in racial discrimination.”


The juror/employee/police/general public parking structure attached to the courthouse by the bridge extending over NE 3rd Avenue was festooned by adhesive advertisements yesterday.

Pictured above is an ad for Eric Schwartzreich in one of the elevators.  Other ads include one for a divorce lawyer with the slogan “Lose the spouse, keep the house.”  There’s even one on the automatic lift arm that’s transponder activated on the way in to the secured garage.



Thanks to Bob Norman, we learned today that Howard Finkelstein and Mike Satz are ok with moving the Napoleon Broward statue.  Jack Tuter’s views are still unknown, although the WPLG report notes Harold Pryor, president of the TJ Reddick Bar Association, is set to meet with the chief judge soon.  In the meantime, we’ll follow-up with Brenda Forman and Scott Israel, and wait to hear Tuter’s thoughts before bothering to make inquiries with the County Commission.

Bob’s WPLG report is found here …


Pictured above is the only statue of Napoleon Bonaparte Broward believed to exist in a public space in Broward County.  It welcomes visitors to the North Wing of the central Broward County Courthouse, where all felony/prison cases are handled. Judges and the state attorney here have supplied the Florida prison system with roughly 7,231 of its current residents, and thousands upon thousands more throughout the years who have since been released or died. Perversely, given the wildly disproportionate rates of incarceration doled out to blacks throughout Florida and the nation, inmates or their family members all must pass the cryptic visage of the county’s namesake, who famously advocated as Florida’s governor for the transportation and permanent banishment of all black United States citizens from their homes and nation, some forty years after the Civil War ended.

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(Above Napoleon Broward speech text found at the UF Archive Series 4 – Speeches and Writings 1905-1908 and n.d. … )

Just another day in Broward felony courts …

(Who Said That?/Miami Herald: 1972)

There’s no need to rehash here the ongoing national dialogues concerning racism in the criminal justice system, or the display of Confederate statues, symbols, and naming rights. But given the current prominence of the debates, years after these issues were first broached on JAABLOG, isn’t it about time courthouse stakeholders Jack Tuter, Mike Satz, Howard Finkelstein, Scott Israel, and Brenda Forman agree to transport Napoleon Broward’s statue as far away from the courthouse as possible?

We’ll be emailing and calling them next week to see.  Let’s hope they don’t pass the buck to the County Commission … 



All persons who missed a court date, traffic hearing or any other deadline please be read carefully:
1.  If you previously scheduled a hearing using the court’s on line scheduling system, please reschedule your hearing on line. Neither the clerk or the court will reschedule cases that were scheduled on line. All other cases will be rescheduled by the clerk, judicial assistant or case manager.
2. You do not need to call or visit the courthouse to reschedule your hearing or court date. Either the clerk of court or a judicial assistant will send you a new notice for your court date. If you have an attorney, the new notice will only be sent to your attorney. Please be patient the court has been closed for seven business days and it will take time to reschedule your case.
3. If you received a traffic ticket or other fine you may proceed to the clerk’s office to pay the fine. All persons who were scheduled for a traffic court hearing will be notified when the case is reset. Persons may also access the clerk’s website to find further information.
4. If you had a domestic violence restraining order in place it will remain in place until your case is heard by a judge.
5. If you were a respondent in a case where a domestic violence restraining order was served on you, you must continue to abide by the terms of the injunction until a judge has ruled on your case.
6. Foreclosure sales will resume as normal on Monday September 18, 2017.  Any foreclosure sale cancelled due to the hurricane will be reset by the clerk. Please be patient it may take a few weeks to reset these new sale dates. Eviction notices will be extended per the tolling order. 
7. Any person who was charged with a criminal offense and missed a court date, your case will be rescheduled and a new notice sent to you or your attorney. You do not need to call the clerk or judge.
8.  Any person required to register with probation or otherwise comply with a court order that occurred prior to the courts closing on September 6, 2017 will be given seven additional business days to comply with the order.
9. All time limits prescribed or allowed by rule of procedure, court order, statutes applicable to court proceedings, or otherwise pertaining to court proceedings will be extended by a tolling order from the Florida Supreme Court which will be posted on our website once signed by the Chief Justice.
10.  Rest assured anyone who missed a date from the hurricane will have their case reset. You do not need to call the judge or the clerk. Many court services will be backed up when we reopen. Please be patient. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation.


Tom O’Connell lost his fight with bladder cancer today.  He kept fighting right up to the very end, and working too.  A familiar sight around the courthouse and political circles, his intelligence, humor, and unwavering belief in the plight of the underdog was contagious. Tom is survived by his wife Amanda, and a young daughter.

Kevin Kulik summed up the feelings of many: “one of my best friends of all time.”

Funeral information to follow …


The Broward County Courts will remain closed Wednesday except for First Appearance, Shelter and Juvenile Detention Hearings. Future Court Operations will be determined tomorrow and notification will (be) sent out accordingly. Please refer (to) the court’s web page ( and emergency hot-line (954-831-7777) for additional information. – From: 17th Circuit Emergency Message …

Boca residents endure the lingering horrors of Irma the day after the storm hit … waiting in line for a  restaurant table on a Monday night, and a limited menu (Madison’s Steak House).



From the Florida Supreme Court Website:

Broward County. The courts will be close(d) starting Thursday through Tuesday. Check the local courts’ website for further details. Updated 9/6/2017, 12:40 p.m. ET


UPDATE – courts closed Thursday, Friday and Monday …


The official announcement should come shortly after 11:30 A.M. today, but sources indicate the courthouse will be closed Thursday and Friday, and potentially Monday, following an impact assessment …