Raag Singhal and David Haimes are among five Broward judges battling it out for five available Federal District Court seats.  The others are Michael Davis, Bill Haury, and Marina Garcia WoodThe SDF blog has the full list of forty-five hopefuls here.

The new Public Defender mid-rise offices are ready for business.  Goodbye to J-Mark and 412, affectionately remembered as the old juvenile building.

ASA Justin McCormack renders aid to a woman who collapsed after climbing the hill connecting the new courthouse to the North Wing.  She was ok after a breather.  This was taken well before the recent installation of guard rails, pictured below.

Attorney Harold Pryor speaks to Bob Norman on behalf of the TJ Reddick Bar Association regarding the Napoleon Bonaparte statue …

Kelly Hancock prepares to toss the ball around to prospective jurors during voir dire on an auto negligence trial.  His client was Michael Greco, of Cardinal Gibbons/Green Bay Packers Super Bowl fame.

Fight the Power!

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