While what the New York Times has deemed “(t)he fast-moving national reckoning over sexual harassment in the workplace” continues unabated in the high-profile professions, many are wondering when shoes will begin to drop in other fields.  After all, there are powerful people who have done bad things in all walks of life, even if they aren’t as rich or glamorous as the folks in New York, Los Angeles, or Washington.  And their victims, of course, are just as important as the long-suffering who work in media, national politics, or the arts.

Here’s the point.  The Broward County court system is no stranger to scandal and corruption.  A former Sheriff went to prison, judges have committed dangerous crimes and other detestable acts, and a chief judge a long time ago was himself accused of sexual harassment.  Is it not reasonable to therefore wonder over the past few decades if some of the powerful who are still employed or work in the courthouse, or have retired or left otherwise undetected, were sexually abusive or inappropriate?  Is it possible there have been settlements, compromises, or cover-ups over the years?  And isn’t the integrity and sanctity of the justice system more important than a television show or movie, while acknowledging that all victims everywhere deserve compassion and justice?

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