Disgraced former judge Matt Destry is calling for the Florida Bar to clamp down on JAABLOG.  He joins Jack Thompson, Charles Morehead, Carlos Llorente, and Barbara Heyer in making his distaste for the blog known, although he would certainly be the first to use LinkedIn as a platform.

Destry, known by reputation as a ladies man during his time on the bench, takes a stand for female judges like Tarlika Navarro, whom he feels are unfairly blasted in the comments section.  Having starred in more than his share of blog articles while riding the downward trajectory of his career path, Destry’s antipathy for your humble author is also palpable, if inconveniently misplaced, seeing as how the Bar has previously ruled that JAABLOG is not liable under the rules of professional conduct for the blog comments.

Given this, and the fact Destry quit the bench under a cloud of damning JQC accusations that, if true, could have caused serious problems with his own Bar license, we posed the following two questions to Destry in an email earlier this evening:

The first question is whether or not you are aware that the Bar, many years ago, reviewed the issue of JAABLOG “provid(ing) an anonymous public forum”, and found my role to be acceptable practice? If you are, is there any reason why you can justify the Bar revisiting the issues?

Secondly, given that we are discussing the Bar, and the fact that you are no stranger to controversy yourself, have you ever been, or are you currently, being questioned or investigated by the Bar in relation to any of the JQC accusations that preceded your resignation from the bench?

We haven’t heard back just yet, but we’ll be sure to follow-up if Matt finds the time to respond.  In the meantime, his LinkedIn article will be printed in the comments section in its entirety, despite factual inaccuracies …

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