Jack Tuter sent the following response this morning:

This is a follow-up to my email last night. Judge Diaz contacted me early this morning and advised after listening to the audio, Rafael did identify himself. Judge Diaz advises he misunderstood the media AO. Most of his cases do not have media attendance. As such he wishes me to advise he is sorry for the misunderstanding and by copy of this email I am advising Rafael as well.

As I said before photographers with media credentials are permitted to take photographs in our courtrooms. I as well apologize for any misunderstanding on behalf of the 17th.

We’ve ordered the audio for clarification as to exactly what Olmeda said, as  Tuter indicated on a follow-up email that he hadn’t heard it.  Diaz, for his part, has not yet returned a separate email sent earlier today regarding the misunderstanding …