County Commission security personnel, like the gentleman pictured above, have been seen around the courthouse for some time now.  They handle the issuance of security passes, but they’ve also been seen checking courtrooms on a regular basis, and keeping notes.

We’re told the never-ending financial battle between BSO and the county may be the reason for the rumored new age JAABWALKS, with BSO looking for additional courthouse security funds, and the commission interested in just how busy the courtrooms really are before deciding to dole out more money.

Since judicial downtime and efficiency have always been of interest around here, and given the urgency presented by recent JQC activity, we sent the following public records request to the commission, seeking:

… logs/notations/reports or any other memorialization of data concerning the county’s monitoring of courtroom usage in the Broward County Courthouse since before, and after, the new courthouse structure opened. The information sought specifically should notate the time and dates the courtrooms were checked, the number of the courtroom, and whether they were in use or not. Additionally, the same information is requested regarding judicial chambers, and whether judges were present when and if the chambers are checked …

Our preliminary emails with county personnel prior to the records request indicate the courtrooms are checked to determine if a courtroom is in use, and to make sure they are “properly secured for no re-entry until there is a need for the courtroom to be used“.  In any event, we’ll let you know what we get back, and if there’s anything that could be of interest to people outside of Broward …

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