THE BEAT GOES ON … has picked up on the Mike Satz retirement rumors, and has been given the same official SAO position that JAABLOG received earlier this month: “We do not have any comments at this time.”

The article is found here, adding Bobby DiazKal Evans and John Fry to the list of rumored potential candidates.

For our part, we’ve since learned that Evans is definitely not interested, while Fry offered “no comment.”

As for Diaz, he just committed to serving a full six-year judicial term:

As BrowardBeat states, there will definitely be more candidates drawn to the flame from both inside and outside courthouse circles, so post a comment if you’ve got the goods …


Chatter concerning Mike Satz’s possible retirement in 2020 has reached fever pitch.

Today the SAO was abuzz with a rumor that Satz will indeed throw the towel in, and give Sarahnell Murphy the nod.

Murphy, for her part, did not pick up her cell when called, and did not respond to a text message asking for confirmation or denial.

Another rumored hopeful from within the SAO, Tony Loe, did not respond to text or a voicemail.

Jack Seiler did not return texts, but sounded like a definite maybe after he was reached for a brief conversation earlier this evening.

Mark Bogen gave a 150% “not happening.”

Brian Silber stated:

It is something I am seriously considering, but have not made a decision about yet.”

Because it is known Silber has been calling around town putting out feelers for support, we asked if he would run against Satz in the event the incumbent did not retire. In response, Silber declined further comment.

Teresa Williams, who came very close indeed to beating Satz last time around, will run again, whether or not the seat is vacant.

Her text:

I believe that I am the best person to bring criminal justice reform to Broward County.  I will be running for State Attorney.

That’s it for now.  Post a comment if you know of anyone else rumored to be considering a run, or have more information on Satz’s intentions …

COMING SOONDiaz v. Alcalde!


We’re told the Publix surveillance video is to be released by Aventura PD shortly.  Tune in to your favorite mainstream media outlet for further details. _________________________________________________________________

*UPDATE*: Channel 10 – Publix Surveillance Video


(additional video from other parts of store should be available soon)

SS/Olmeda: Police release video of Broward prosecutor’s alleged shoplifting

The security footage shows Honowitz shopping with her teenage daughter Saturday afternoon at a Publix on 18995 Biscayne Blvd. She is seen browsing in the cosmetics aisle and placing items in her purse.

She can later be seen paying a cashier for more than $120 in groceries …

But Honowitz did not leave the store immediately — a few minutes later she was in line to buy a lottery ticket, and she appears to reach into her purse to get money to pay the second cashier.

Then the surveillance footage shows Honowitz and her daughter leaving the store, only to be confronted by a security guard and a Publix employee …

There is no indication that Honowitz sees the cosmetics in her handbag before she pays for her groceries, or later for her lottery ticket …

CBS Miami: Kevin McGill and unnamed lawyers say no clear case

McGill: “There’s no erratic, sneaky behavior” … 

Jayne Weintraub: “If she had put (cosmetics in) the cart, they would have fallen through” … 


High profile ASA Stacey Honowitz has been accused of some sort of criminal activity.

We received tips via JAABLOG’s Anonymous Tip Box (found in the upper right corner of the blog) over the weekend, alleging something along the lines of theft in Aventura.  Mainstream media has been made aware, so details should be forthcoming soon.

Honowitz has yet to respond to our text messages …

(Thanks to Anonymous Tipsters)

*UPDATE*: the following email is from Constance Simmons, public information officer for the SAO.  In response to specific questions regarding the nature of the allegations, the SAO has not answered:


Channel 7: Broward prosecutor arrested after shoplifting incident at Aventura Publix

Aventura Police officers were called to the supermarket, located at 18995 Biscayne Blvd., after the staff at the store claimed to have caught Honowitz shoplifting.

Officers reviewed surveillance video and interviewed employees before charging Honowitz …


Click to enlarge PC Affidavit …


The best things are worth waiting for …

It’s no secret perennial bachelor Mike Satz has made a genuine love connection in his personal life over the last couple of years.  Word in the hallways has marriage bells as a serious possibility, and, get this, retirement from the helm of the SAO in 2021, after steering the ship since 1976.

Accordingly, the following email was sent to Constance Simmons, the SAO’s public information officer, earlier today:

And the response:

Not a “yes” to retirement, but to anyone who knows Satz, surprisingly not a “no” either, leaving nothing but questions.

For instance:

What bearing will the Cruz case have on any thoughts of retirement?

Is Satz considering his legacy in addition to marital bliss, given his near defeat at the polls last time up?

Will he anoint and campaign for a successor?

Would he leave early and lobby for a specific appointment, to help ensure later success at the polls?

Or will Satz run again until beaten, as many who know him have always believed would be the case?

Definitely a wait and see …


John Contini joins Ana Gardiner and Laura Watson in the club of Broward judges disbarred over the last few years.

Contini has agreed to a five-year disbarment.  Gardiner’s Florida Bar profile currently shows Disbarment“, while Watson’s says Disbarment – Permanent“.  Both women fought the charges that led to their tickets being pulled.

Here is the Conditional Guilty Plea and Disbarment on Consent, filed by Contini’s attorney Fred Haddad and Bar counsel Randi Klayman Lazarus on September 5th.

(Thanks to “Contini agrees to disbarment” at 3:23 PM)