The best things are worth waiting for …

It’s no secret perennial bachelor Mike Satz has made a genuine love connection in his personal life over the last couple of years.  Word in the hallways has marriage bells as a serious possibility, and, get this, retirement from the helm of the SAO in 2021, after steering the ship since 1976.

Accordingly, the following email was sent to Constance Simmons, the SAO’s public information officer, earlier today:

And the response:

Not a “yes” to retirement, but to anyone who knows Satz, surprisingly not a “no” either, leaving nothing but questions.

For instance:

What bearing will the Cruz case have on any thoughts of retirement?

Is Satz considering his legacy in addition to marital bliss, given his near defeat at the polls last time up?

Will he anoint and campaign for a successor?

Would he leave early and lobby for a specific appointment, to help ensure later success at the polls?

Or will Satz run again until beaten, as many who know him have always believed would be the case?

Definitely a wait and see …