*UPDATERichard Kaplan is not a contender for Public Defender …

The 2020 State Attorney race has people talking, and so does Public Defender.

Here’s the lay of the land, thus far:

Howard Finkelstein’s heir apparent Gordon Weekes is a filed candidate.  Jim Lewis is too.

Assistant Public Defender Ruby Green stated “no comment” when asked today to confirm or deny rumors that she was considering a run for the top spot.

PD alum George Reres said “it’s still a real possibility” in response to the same question.

Another PD alum, Josh Rydell, texted:

I am leaning in the direction of running for public defender after my service as Mayor of Coconut Creek concludes.”

Rydell reports his mayoral term ends this March, and his commissioner service in 2021.

Johnny Weekes debunked a rumor that he would be filing to help his friend and office mate Rydell in a name game ploy. J. Weekes stated and texted he will not be running for Public Defender.

Richard Kaplan, widely believed to be exploring further avenues to capitalize on his recent strong showing at the polls, has not gotten back to us yet as to whether or not he is also interested in becoming the Public Defender.

Please post a comment with any other rumored candidates …