Here is an incomplete and unconfirmed list of upcoming rumored judicial assignments:

Alspector: Felony Domestic Violence (G. Cohen).

Powell: First Appearances (Mollica).

Mollica: County Criminal.

Weekes: Circuit Criminal (D. Bailey).

D. Bailey: Trial Division (Holmes).

Cawthon: West for Hilal.

Hilal: Central.

Moon: DV/Family.

Gillespie: Probate (Weinstein or Speiser).

Rodriguez-Powell: Probate.

Casey: new 3rd degree Felony Division.

Africk-Olefson: Dependency.

As far as Backman’s ROC Division, it’s still unknown if he’ll be replaced, or whether both ROC’s will be combined or merged with trial divisions.

There are also some outstanding appointments to be made soon, and lots going on in Civil, so post a comment if you have insights as to other moves …