The Lunch Bunch: Ken Gottlieb, Bobby Diaz, and Jill Levy

Remember back in May, when Jill Levy fought Larrry Meltzer about continuing a trial case because his mother-in-law was in hospice care?  After the JAABLOG post Calling All Cars went up, the case was eventually reset, allowing Meltzer to attend to his family duties.  Sadly, his mother-in-law passed away days later.

As far as the case at issue was concerned, it was tried to a successful conclusion by Larry before another judge, after Levy recused herself from all of his cases.

Unfortunately, that’s not the end of the story.

At some point following the Meltzer family’s loss, Larry got a call from a court reporter asking for clarifications of dialogue from audio-recorded court proceedings concerning the hospice care issues and continuance requests.  When Larry asked who had ordered the hearings transcribed, he was told “a judge.”  No further detail was given.

Shortly thereafter, Meltzer received the following letter from the Florida Bar:

Apparently, despite the extraordinary circumstances surrounding Meltzer’s requests, and the puzzling resistance by Levy, somebody had put Larry in the Bar’s crosshairs.

From Calling All Cars:

Yesterday Levy denied a request for a continuance made by Meltzer, known for trying more DUI cases than almost anyone, and she reportedly ordered him to pull his son from school and be present today with the boy, all in a strange effort to overcome the child care issues created by his wife’s need to go to New Jersey.  This morning Levy told Meltzer that her niece was in the courtroom and available to babysit Meltzer’s four year old son during trial, an offer that was appropriately declined.

We have no idea who ordered the transcripts, or who brought them to the Bar’s attention, but we aim to find out.  In the meantime, the Bar has fortunately come to its senses in time for the holiday season, sending this letter dismissing the complaint earlier this week:

Great news for the Meltzer family, who should not have had to endure the added stress of a frivolous and insensitive bar investigation during a period of mourning …

Coming SoonBobby Diaz v. Adriana Alcalde: Another real head-scratcher of a bar complaint …