Here is an incomplete and totally unconfirmed list of courthouse rumors:

Ruby Green filing soon for Public Defender …

Ilona Holmes considering a run for State Attorney …

South: C. Cawthon

West: P. Francois, N. DePrimo

V. Hawkins: Family

Ledee: (?)

Backman FX ROC splits: ROC merges with D. Bailey Trial Division; Vacated FX Division becomes 3rd degree Felony Court (Casey).

Lerner-Wren takes misdemeanor Drug Court (Zeller) along with her existing Mental Health Division; Lerner-Wren Criminal Division goes to Mollica

Short List – 11 for 3 Supreme Court vacancies:

WPB now has its own Ryan LeVin …

YouTube: Dr Red Roberts (Brannon) & Rusty Brooks v John Harris & Del Apollo