SAVE THE DATE: 1/31/19

Here is Bill Altfield’s order setting Brenda v. Blog down for hearing on Thursday, January 31, 2019 at 9:00 AM in Room 10160 (10th Floor) of the Broward County Central Courthouse.

Altfield, like his predecessor judge, did not put a temporary injunction in place, despite Brenda’s “Supplemental Affidavit” filed on December 13th, which is linked in a prior post …

WILL BRENDA SHOW?  WAIT AND SEE! names Fry and Ross as possible Sheriffs


*12/28 UPDATE*Here is Bill Altfield’s order allowing Jackie Powell’s deposition to proceed pretty much unfettered, issued yesterday.  Accordingly, Powell was deposed, with a Gray Robinson representative for Brenda, and an Assistant AG in attendance for Jackie …

Miami’s Rumpole on Brenda v. Blog


SHE’S NOT A JUDGE YET… but the AG is fighting to stop Jackie Powell from telling everything she may know even before she takes the oath of office:


Merry Christmas, Brenda!


Jackie Powell has been served for deposition next week, December 27th.  She’s a witness named by Brenda, and is essential to clarify exactly what happened on the public walkway connecting the courthouse to the garage on December 12th.

Oddly enough, Powell doesn’t want to be deposed.  Despite being an incoming judge charged with upholding the law, this particular search for the truth and justice doesn’t seem to interest her.  Her office said she wouldn’t be cooperating, and on Friday one Chesterfield Smith, from the Office of the Attorney General all the way up in Tallahassee, spoke with Ed Hoeg to make it clear he would be attempting to obtain a protective order.  If Smith can’t get one issued in time, he said Powell would probably no show.  Strange indeed.

As for the other depositions, Brenda, in her capacity as Clerk, has not responded to repeated attempts to coordinate dates and times that her named employee witnesses will be available.  Subs on that will therefore be issued based on Hoeg’s schedule shortly, as Bill Altfield’s office has suggested a hearing date of February 1st in Broward County.  Requests from Altfield’s and Charles Canady’s offices to hold the hearing in Miami were, of course, politely declined, as we strongly feel what happens in Broward must stay in Broward, so as many interested people as possible can personally bear witness to the actions and complaints of one of their elected Constitutional Officers …


… Forman later claimed in an email to the South Florida Sun Sentinel that an article about the dispute would unfairly incite “racism, hate and bigotry toward me and my employees.” She asserted that the information in her domestic violence complaint is “confidential” and “protected.” The complaint can be accessed by any member of the public on computers located on the first floor of the Broward courthouse. She did not return a phone call and email seeking comment.

Her attorney, Thomas Loffredo, said he is not authorized to discuss the case …


We’d like to thank everyone for the unprecedented amount of support thrown our way since Brenda v. Blog broke.  The friendship has always been there, even without a stunningly unpopular Petitioner, but the amount of free legal advice and strategy being offered is also deeply touching.  If you can, please keep the tips coming, whether in person or anonymously, until flaming hot justice is served.  In the meantime, we’ll keep you posted with any developments, so it will be easy to follow along at home …

The following email was sent to Brenda Forman and Jackie Powell at 8:04 P.M. this evening:


Good evening.

Pursuant to your filings in the above-styled cause, and the Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure, I will be conducting depositions of the individuals named below, all of whom, with the exception of Jackie Powell, are in your employ.

Please kindly inform me tomorrow, Monday, December 16, 2018, of their availability, and I will coordinate with my co-counsel, Ed Hoeg.

I would prefer to conduct these depositions quickly and efficiently, with the least amount of impact possible on the Clerk’s Office operations, given it is a taxpayer-funded organization.  I also would prefer to have this matter handled by the courts as soon as possible. If you could help me coordinate these quickly, it would therefore be

As for Jackie, when are you available?  I am sure this would be best handled before you take the bench, so please advise.

And here are the Clerk’s people to be deposed:

Brenda Forman, Dian Diaz, Shirley Grissett, Nakia Smith, Alethea Petty, Melissa Proulx, Derek McCree, Renee Petty, and Lyubov Beausejour.



COMING SOONLopez v. Hall, Florida Supreme Court (2018): “For these reasons, we approve the First District’s decision in Hall and hold that section 57.105 may be applied to repeat, dating, and sexual violence injunction proceedings under section 784.046.”; Good Timing: The National Judicial Conference’s Contemporary Threats to Judicial Independence and Freedom of the Pressheld just this weekend …


Brenda v. Blog will not be heard Monday morning.  The December 10 hearing has been cancelled, due to Michael Kaplan’s sua sponte recusal Order, pictured below.

Jack Tuter has in turn asked the Supreme Court to assign a neighboring, out-of-county judge to handle the hearing, recusing the entire 17th Circuit.

An interesting turn of events, as we were at one point considering asking for disqualification, given the rumors regarding Mark Speiser’s inability to have consistent in-court clerk support since his legal findings of bad faith against Brenda.

In any event, the bell has been rung.  If you were planning on attending, don’t waste a trip.  We’ll let you know as soon as everything is reset.

In other Brenda v. Blog news, we’ve been told she was shopping around some additional allegations, possibly in another attempt to get a temporary injunction in place, after Mily Rodriguez-Powell said no wayJAABLOG doesn’t know much more than that, but this Supplemental Affidavit in Support of Petition for DV was filed this afternoon.

Enjoy the pleadings, and buckle up.  It’s going to be a wild one.  On the advice of counsel Ed Hoeg we’re not telling our side of the story just yet, but we promise you won’t be disappointed …


It’s still America, Damn It!

JAABLOG still has it.

Whether it’s the Jill Levy transcript featured in the Larry Meltzer dismissed Bar Complaint, the ongoing Bobby Diaz v. Adriana Alcalde case (also featuring The Sun Sentinel), disgraced former judge Matt Destry grousing, or a recent Bar Complaint by Brenda Forman (with Dian Diaz as a witness), the Broward courthouse blog can still whip up a hornet’s nest of resentment in official types, even if we don’t bother to update very often anymore.

In any event, Forman has now upped the ante.  Despite already having a strike against her for “bad faith” courtesy of Mark Speiser, today we were served with this Order Setting Hearing On Petition For Injunction For Protection Against Stalking Without Issuance Of An Interim Temporary Injunction.

That’s right.  Mily Rodriguez Powell’s initial review found a whole lot of nothing, but Brenda still wants her day in court before Michael Kaplan.  The hearing is set for December 17, 2018, at 10:00 A.M.

Please plan on attending.  We’ve got Ed Hoeg  doing the honors, and he’s never boring, even without a Constitutional Officer who insists her picture can’t be taken in public.

Stay tuned … 2020 is just around the corner!

Coming SoonLetdown: Is the rumored impending JQC action merely a campaign violation case?

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