Here’s the surveillance video from October 16th.  We’ll be posting other videos from December 5th and 12th as time allows.

Video 1 – Far Away View … clearly shows Gelin coming off elevator … Forman puts hand up and says something along the lines of “Get this man out of my face!” while Gelin is taking out camera …

Video 2 – Close Up ViewStarts with Brenda hugging BSO Deputy Francis on second floor … Gelin comes off elevator from court to take walking bridge over to felony … sees Forman and takes out camera … Forman quickly disappears into Clerk’s Office …

From Brenda’s restraining order petition: (click to enlarge)

From Brenda’s Bar Complaint and BSO report:

And Ed Hoeg in the Sun Sentinel:


It appears Brenda really doesn’t want to answer any questions posed in open court by Bill Altfield.

Today her attorney Tom Loffredo filed this Petitioner’s Motion to Cancel January 31, 2019 Hearing. There’s even a footnote advising the court that Brenda will file a writ of prohibition if the motion isn’t granted.

Ed Hoeg was kind enough to file this objection, but since Altfield’s email concerning the proposed colloquy was simply a request, it’s likely we won’t be getting our day in court after all.

Should we now ask John Howes to formally and succinctly respond ready for trial in the still pending Bar matter, to ensure a full and fair public airing of this entire affair?

Wait and see …

Coming SoonSurveillance Video!

Gregory Tony, Broward’s affable new Sheriff, poses for JAABCAM earlier today …