Bill Gelin here, with an update on my run for President of the Florida Bar.

It’s off, because there’s too much I need to learn to be able to effect meaningful change before I run for the top spot.

Accordingly, I am seeking your support for the Board of Governors, specifically Circuit 17, Seat 1.  I will be running against Jay Kim, if he seeks reelection.

The Board of Governors (BOG) pretty much runs everything, and if I’m to achieve any of the stated goals from my prior post regarding the presidency titled An Introduction, I will need the inside experience, procedural and political, that only a term on the BOG can afford.

A major thank you for the moving show of support everyone has shown me since I announced plans to seek Bar office.  My belief is stronger now than ever before that the honorable calling of law and advocacy is overwhelmingly populated by good-hearted and industrious souls.  While the general public will continue to enjoy a joke or two at our expense, as they have since at least Shakespeare’s time, I believe our reputation has needlessly suffered because of gross mismanagement and egregious miscalculations by the Bar.  A new direction is needed, and with your help, I will do everything in my power to help chart the course.

To Jay Kim and anyone else considering a run for 17/1, equal time is absolutely promised on JAABLOG, if so desired.

Lastly, also to anyone interested, and for the sake of  transparency, a centerpiece of my campaign, the email pictured below was received today from the Bar’s Rosalyn Scott.  She’s the Assistant to the President, very nice, and in charge of all electioneering questions.  Her email is if anyone has questions of their own.

Thank you,

Bill Gelin

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