The courthouse is abuzz with an unfortunate incident yesterday afternoon in Susan Alspector’s domestic violence division.

We’re told there was a sentencing to be held after ASA Andy Newman had secured a guilty verdict a few months ago against Albert Narvaez on multiple charges, including Attempted Murder (1st Degree/Firearm).  Before Alspector took the bench, the Defendant asked to use the restroom, and upon returning to the courtroom, broke free of the guards, ran up to the SAO table where Newman was seated, and allegedly doused him with urine from what appeared to be a bottle.  It was anything but pretty, and the sentencing was set off while BSO processed the scene for potential criminal charges.  It’s all captured on bodycam, and stills should hopefully become available soon.

When reached for comment, the well-respected and affable Newman had this to say:

“Things happen and I’m not looking to blame anybody,  but it was a very unfortunate situation.”

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