Thank you for your emails.  The response has been excellent.  Rest assured, ticket requests have been received and properly logged, and you will be contacted shortly with specifics.

Lastly, now is the time to finish sending in questions for consideration by the panel members to put to the candidates.  Send to us here, or click on Rafael Olmeda or David Ovalle.

Accordingly, the following email was sent to the candidates earlier this afternoon:

Good Afternoon … I am pleased to announce the tickets for the December 4th debates have been reserved to venue capacity.

At this time there are five tickets reserved for each of the candidates to disperse, although more may become available as the event date gets closer to be prioritized to be equally distributed to candidates.

The plan is to have a very professional, presidential style debate, with a podium and microphone for each candidate, with questions, follow-ups, and the opportunity to debate your opponents. The League of Women Voters has kindly offered to provide the time keeping function, with Mr. Ovalle from the Miami Herald moderating.

Mr. Olmeda, myself, the League, and Mr. Ovalle will be sitting down shortly to go over some specifics, and I will update accordingly …