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May 18 Criminal ZoomsFrom Jack Tuter on May 1st:

To all concerned:

We have permitted the criminal court judges to commence criminal dockets in circuit and county court beginning Monday May 18

I have asked all judges to set matters where tasks can be completed and not set dockets just to set dockets.

The clerk of court will have to send the notices out. I have asked any judge who wishes to do this to copy me and the clerk so we have appropriate personnel ready. The clerk should amend the notice to reflect the hearing is remote and not order folks to the courthouse.

These hearings for the most part contemplate involving out of custody defendants. Judge Siegel is working on additional cameras in the jail but for now those issues are unresolved. I am asking both the state and PD participate in these dockets. They are all being held via zoom.

There will still be no face to face contact until I approve.

No juries have been ordered for June.

I am awaiting the Chief Justice’s committee’s recommendations before we decide reopening. I will for sure set a conf call in advance of that to discuss with all stakeholders.

We have held over 2000 hearings via zoom in all divisions and most have gone flawless.

I appreciate everyone’s past cooperation and appreciate your continued cooperation.

Some judges realize not a lot can be done without juries etc and they will choose not to hold hearings. I have left this to their discretion.

I have said to all of you the difficult decision in this will be when to reopen and allow the public in while continuing social distancing guidelines. It will be extraordinarily difficult in all of our courthouses.

Zoom hearings may be the norm for some time unless there are unexpected changes with combatting the virus. When we do open, I anticipate it will be gradual and take into consideration cdc protocols.

please all, stay safe and dont make hasty decisions which could affect you or your family’s health. Several years ago BSO reported almost two million people pass through our courthouses yearly.

thanks again, JT