Brenda v. Blog hopefully will be headed to a Grievance Committee (“GC”) soon, absent anything to do with IP Addresses. Those issues were disposed by Florida Bar letter at the end of May. Legal Warrior John Howes’ primer on the First Amendment must have been enough for them to forego further challenges to the United States Constitution, even if they won’t admit it. The voluminous Motion to Quash Subpoena John prepared was never addressed, and the letter they sent ignored every constitutional principle submitted.


Now, roughly 580 days after the Bar received Brenda’s initial complaint, which was mostly comprised of issues around her title and well settled areas of Bar precedent and law regarding photography, an “investigator” has been assigned from the GC, former Broward ASA Madeleine Mannelo, pictured below with Brenda and others.

In spite of the law, videos (here and here) and other evidence, in spite of Brenda’s bailing on her bogus “domestic violence” court complaint before her deposition or any court appearances, in spite of the now closed investigation regarding Brenda’s veracity by the Miami SAO, and in spite of a judge having once found Brenda acted in bad faith in circuit court proceedings, defined as “dishonesty of belief, purpose, or motive,” the Bar has now handed the case to yet another investigator, who also appears to be friendly with the complainant.

You can’t make this stuff up, dear readers, but you’d have to be blind to not see what’s underpinning the harassment.

The truth is the Bar hates this very American blog, and anyone with the courage to utilize it to hold their public officials accountable, no matter how unqualified or out of control they may be.

The truth is the Bar hates lawyers that won’t kowtow to their authority, no matter how ineptly, politically, or disingenuously applied.

The truth is the Bar has done nothing to stop the degradation of the justice system in the face of a phony and destructive War on Drugs that has caused so much pain, death, and suffering in our communities, up to and including the ongoing national mourning of Mr. George Floyd and so many others like him. In fact, with their relentless attacks on the Constitution, honest criticism and other guiding principles of our forefathers, the Bar has in fact encouraged it. For while Brenda v. Blog is nothing more than one small example of the Bar’s actions and activities, it is symbolic of the greater whole of their mission to make sure everything stays exactly the same, no matter the cost, consequences or will of the people.

In any event, it should soon be up to the members of Grievance Committee 17(C) whether or not Brenda’s claims finally see the glare of a courtroom, with Broward’s Clerk of Courts under oath. In the meantime, we’ll be sure to update with any further developments, so stay safe from misguided government action and virus until then …

Forman and Mannello with Jack Tuter and Stacy Ross (Florida Bar News)
NYT June 2nd, 2020