After a comment from “Sleepy judge” on May 20th, we’ve confirmed from multiple sources that Bobby Diaz did indeed appear to fall asleep during the trial and testimony of ex-BSO Deputy/Defendant Jorge Sobrino.

We’re working on getting audio and/or video footage that may have captured the judicial reawakening at roughly 1:36 PM on May 19th. The trial was widely covered, and CBS 4 was handling the “pooled” video feed, so we’ll be sure to follow-up.

Paraphrasing, one observer had this to say:

It was clear to everyone in the courtroom (the judge) was asleep. The clerk was tapping on the glass to wake him. He was leaning back in his chair, and no one knows how long he was out for, because it was only when the defense lawyer asked to approach that people realized the judge was out.

Fortunately for Sobrino, his lawyers Eric Schwartzreich and Michael Finesilver did not ask for a mistrial, most likely sensing that the ultimate not guilty verdict was on its way …

(Thanks again to “Sleepy judge”)


Liz Scherer, previously known for her astounding comments about Rastafari, today reportedly professed ignorance regarding Juneteenth, the federal holiday commemorating the ending of slavery in the United States.

From the Twitter feed of WPLG 10’s Christina Boomer Vazquez, covering Parkland earlier today:

UPDATECHANNEL 10: Broward judge ‘didn’t get memo’ on Juneteenth (Video)

COMING SOONWWHS (or What Would Haile Selassie Do?)