Should the Florida Supreme Court go along with the JQC’s recommendation of a 60 day suspension for Seminole County’s Wayne Culver, pictured above asking “a fuckin’ question, asshole!

Or should the penalty be removal, because no matter how frustrating a day in county court may be, Culver’s reenactment of the stereotypical abusive and tyrannical Florida judge is simply unforgivable in 2022?

Click here for the full list of Culver’s offenses/JQC’s Findings and Recommendations of Discipline and You Make The Call!


Should Pete Holden grant Mike Gottlieb’s Motion To Dismiss Predicated On Prosecutorial Misconduct filed today in State v. Corey Gordon?

If, taken as true as alleged in the motion (“I f**ked up bad”), do Katya Palmiotto’s actions rise to the level for dismissal? Or should the case go on to be tried a third time?

Read Mike’s full motion here, and You Make The Call!

SS/Rafael Olmeda – Prosecutor’s errant text message triggers mistrial in South Florida murder case

This is the second time the case against Gordon has ended in a mistrial. The first was in early May before Circuit Judge Lisa Porter, when the prosecution questioned a witness about the defendant’s refusal to give a statement. Juries in criminal trials are not permitted to consider a defendant’s silence as proof of guilt …