SS – ‘Structural issues’ force partial closure of Broward courthouse

“They had discovered a crack on the 21st or 22nd floor, on or near a beam,” said Broward Chief Administrative Judge Jack Tuter. “We’re not sure how serious the issue is, but we’re taking precautions and we’ve been assured that whatever this issue is, it does not go further than the 18th floor”

Many courthouse employees remained unaware of the situation until the courthouse gossip website JAABlog posted about it on Friday afternoon.”


Official email sent this evening:

And an email apparently sent yesterday, which is now being distributed to courthouse people since JAABLOG broke the news this afternoon:

Lastly, a photo of the aforementioned police/DOD joint training ops:


The Public Defender’s petitions to the Fourth DCA regarding Liz Scherer’s denials of the Motions To Disqualify based upon her comments during the Parkland case were denied today:

January 20, 2023

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The Florida Rules of Judicial Administration provide the following:

A chief judge may serve for successive terms but in no
event shall the total term as chief judge exceed 8 years

In Broward, that clause is known as the Dale Ross Rule.

Accordingly, Jack Tuter sent the following letter announcing he’s running for his final term as chief judge in Broward County:

Instructions for upcoming chief judge election …

In the event anyone challenges Tuter for the throne, they have until 5:00 PM tonight to file.

Since it’s highly unlikely anyone will dare take on Tuter, who is known to wield his reassignment powers mightily, we’d like to be the first to wish Jack congratulations on his final term as CJ …

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*UPDATE*Channel 10 (4:53 PM): Top floors of Broward County Courthouse closed over possible structural concerns

Local 10 News has confirmed that floors 18 through 20 were not accessible because of “matters” on the 21st floor. What the “matters” are have not been confirmed but sources have told Local 10 News that the issues include cracking


The top floors of the Broward Central Courthouse remain closed to the public. One person described the issue as some type of “structural damage,” while another was more specific, stating it’s a large crack running through walls. At this point information is scant, and totally unconfirmed, but well worth investigating …

Email sent by Jack Tuter at roughly 7:00 PM last night …
Current notice to the public …