17th Circuit AO Governing Media



A cameraman and what appears to be a producer or development type person have been stationed in Liz Scherer’s courtroom all morning. The producer/development type was dour, and both her and the cameraman steadfastly refused to offer up any information or even hints as to their mission. The cameraman stated “Im working for myself,” while the woman was taking long, detailed notes as the morning progressed.

As the docket concluded, we asked for permission to take a photo of the media activity. The request was granted by Liz in part, after the woman told the judge she didn’t want her picture taken, despite being part of a team filming everyone else all morning. For his part, the cameraman agreed to have his picture taken, while promptly hiding behind his equipment, as pictured above.

JAABLOG was then escorted from the courtroom as it was being locked, with the camera crew being allowed to remain after requesting access to a conference room.

Additionally, the bailiff today was in full dress, and the judge was her usual highly telegenic self.

We’ve made a public records request to Court Administrator Joe D’Amico as to the identity of the crew, and will update when we get a response …