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SS Editorial: Judges get strong message (10/8)

Given the message these justices are sending, Imperato should give serious thought to resigning before the case goes much further …

Thankfully, the Supreme Court is sending a clear message that soft penalties are insufficient for those who would sit in judgment of us.

Given the cloud hanging over the bench in Broward, the high court’s high standards are welcome.

SS: Court is right to reject plea deals from Broward judges (9/18)

SS Editorial: Now public will judge Imperato (12/26/14)

If her appeal fails, she should leave the bench. Even if the appeal succeeds, voters in 2016 — if she runs — would be justified in asking whether her attitudes toward police and breath tests are in keeping with attitudes a circuit judge should display.

DBR: Rosenthal steps down

“The thing that sticks out in my mind is that she was always a very hard worker and always very diligent,” (Peter) Weinstein said. “On a personal level I’ve gotten to know her very well. My wife and I have become very friendly with her and her husband. They are wonderful people, and as a judge she will really be missed.”

SS: Rosenthal resigns

(Peter) Weinstein, the chief administrative judge, praised Rosenthal’s work ethic and said she was an effective judge despite the controversy that ultimately overshadowed her career.

“She’s done a wonderful job,” he said. “Her work ethic and ability in the courtroom were excellent. I just hope we get a replacement who is as hard-working and competent as Judge Rosenthal.”

Weinstein Email To 17th Circuit Judges After News Broke:

I am sorry to report that Judge Lynn Rosenthal has decided to resign her position effective October 31st. This will allow sufficient time to work out coverage for her division.

Judge Rosenthal has worked diligently in each of her assigned divisions and I know I speak for many of you that she certainly will be missed.  I would like to wish her the best.


NBC News: Florida Judge Jails DV Victim

Daily Mail: FL Supreme Court to Remove Judge who beat up APD


DBR: Florida Bar refiles complaint against Laura Watson

BBEAT: Not so fast, SCOTUS To Discuss Laura Watson first …

DBR Profile: Al Milian

DBR: Clerk Candidate Profiles

SS: APD sues cops for allegedly looking at her DL records

Boston Globe: MA bans police stops solely for suspected marijuana

(Justice Margot) Botsford’s opinion followed (high court) rulings in 2011 and last year finding that the odor of burned marijuana alone does not provide grounds for police to order occupants to exit a car, and that the smell of burned or unburned marijuana does not justify searching a vehicle without a warrant …

WA Post: Gloucester, MA cops grant amnesty to drug addicts seeking help (8/17)

NYT: Oregon’s Legal Sale of Marijuana Comes With Reprieve

Oregon was not the first state to legalize recreational marijuana, which happened through a state ballot vote last November, nor is it the largest. But in preparing to begin retail marijuana sales next month, it is nonetheless blazing a profoundly new trail, legal experts and marijuana business people said.

“Oregon is one of the first states to really grapple with the issue of what do you do with a record of something that used to be a crime and no longer is,” said Jenny M. Roberts, a professor of law at American University in Washington, D.C., who specializes in criminal law and sentencing.

In the wake of national public anger over killings by police in New York, Ferguson, Mo., and elsewhere, landmark California legislation to protect minorities from racial profiling and excessive force won Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature Saturday.

At the same time, the governor issued a blunt warning against the proliferation of laws criminalizing behavior as he rejected a trio of proposals intended to bar the misuse of unmanned drones.

In a forceful veto message, Brown said lawmakers were unnecessarily complicating California’s criminal code, which he said had grown to more than 5,000 provisions “covering every conceivable form of human misbehavior.”

“During the same period, our jail and prison populations have exploded,” Brown wrote. “Before we keep going down this road, I think we should pause and reflect how our system of criminal justice could be made more human, more just and more cost-effective.”

Billboard: Keith Richards Interview (9/10)

“Ninety-nine percent of the male population of the Western world — and beyond — would give a limb to live the life of Mick Jagger, and he’s not happy being Mick Jagger.”

Ilona Holmes, Actor
Ilona Holmes, Actor

YouTube: Ilona Holmes discusses how she gets into character


Attention Broward ASA’s:

CBS – Race Matters: A Look Inside Broward Pot Arrests

(T)he overwhelming majority of those arrested were black. Since 2010, 69 percent of the people arrested in Broward County were black … CBS4 News also reviewed how the cases were handled in court and we found that Broward had a conviction rate seven times higher than Dade. And 80 percent of the people convicted in Broward for misdemeanor pot possession were black.

“When you look at these numbers if they don’t make you sick then you aren’t paying attention,” said Howard Finkelstein, the Broward County Public Defender. “You know what these stats show you? There is no war on drugs. There is a war on poor black people. That’s exactly what this shows.”

The racial disparities are particularly troubling because studies conducted by the U.S. Department of Health have shown blacks and whites use marijuana at the (same) rate. If anything, the surveys have shown, young white adults between the ages of 18 and 25 actually use marijuana at a higher rate than their black counterparts. Yet it is young blacks that make up many of the arrests …

SS: Should pot violation mean six years in prison?




                                JUST SAY NO


                 Senator Al Franken

“I became interested in politics when I was about 11, 12, 13 years old, during the civil rights movement,” (Franken) said.” We were watching them sic dogs or club demonstrators. My dad would go, ‘No Jew can be for that, no Jew can be for that.’ That was probably when it crystallized to me how important public affairs are.”


SS: Imperato JQC testimony

… (Boca Raton Detective) Immler said she showed the badge instead of her license when he asked her for identification. She showed him her license when he asked for it specifically.

(JQC Prosecutor) McGee argued that there was no other reason for her to show a badge instead of a driver’s license when asked for identification. But Imperato said she was merely identifying herself, admitting she was drunk at the time and not using the best judgment …

CBS TV: Weinstein says Imperato made herself a stronger person

New Times Best Local Girls Gone Bad Award: Imperato, Pollack, Rosenthal

BBeat: McLawrence lashes out at Rosenthal, supporters …

BBeat 2014: “Race Baiting For Judge Rosenthal”

LA Times: Low Heart Rate & Criminal Mitigation Motions


Cindy Imperato isn’t the only Broward judge to have a softball JQC settlement offer rejected by the Supreme Court. Today Lynn Rosenthal’s preposterous proposed ninety day suspension was sent back for trial as well, via a strongly worded order.

From the Order:

We remand for further proceedings to include a full hearing before the Judicial Qualifications Commission in order to fully develop the facts regarding any misconduct that occurred during the criminal investigation and the Judicial Qualifications Commission investigation, including any destruction of evidence and any false and misleading statements made by Judge Rosenthal, so that the Court, in determining the appropriate sanction, will be apprised of all the facts and circumstances bearing on the violations.

Clearly, the Supreme Court doesn’t seem too happy, and rightfully so.  Unfortunately, as far as media, only Bob Norman and Rafael Olmeda of the Sun Sentinel have done anything to inform the public of the egregious acts committed by Rosenthal, despite the fact she remains on the bench passing judgment on others.  But hopefully things will change concerning media coverage now that the top court has weighed in, and quickly …

SS: “(The Supreme Court) can’t set a precedent like this.”

WPLG: Rosenthal admits to ‘incomplete and misleading’ testimony


BSO Media Relations has confirmed the suspension with pay of two female detention employees for Conduct Unbecoming an Employee. One is employed as a Detention Technician, and the other is a Deputy.  Nothing else is forthcoming at this time, however, our post earlier today has apparently created quite a bit of media interest, so expect the full story to break soon …

SS: Finkelstein Prevails Over Brannon


BSO Media Relations has strenuously stated there have been no arrests made regarding the rumors of inappropriate activity behind bars at this time.  However, they could not confirm whether the whole thing is a nasty rumor, or something ongoing, while promising to update via email as soon as they have something definitive.

Stay tuned …


*UPDATE*here is the Order.

And from the victorious Public Defender:

“I am very grateful to God, Judge Graham and my lawyers Alicia and Cory Laufer for their outstanding work.”

Coming Soon – how high are the attorneys’ fees, and who has to pay?; JQC v. IMPERATO TRIAL Thursday, September 10th in WPB …

Character Letters on behalf of Cindy Imperato

PB Post: Marni Bryson declined to comment …


We’re told the federal court has issued a 27 page decision ruling in Howard Finkelstein’s favor on all counts.  The decision should post shortly  …