Laura Watson’s JQC trial began this morning in Room 347.  A Federal judge denied her request for injunction over the weekend.  No word yet on whether the judge was in pajamas working from home when the Order was issued, wearing golf apparel or a bathing suit, or whether she had to make a special trip to the office before ruling.

Stop on by Room 347.  JQC trials don’t happen all that often, even in Broward.  Both the DBR and Sun Sentinel were in attendance, and a photographer as well, so there should be something in the mainstream media for anyone interested.

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Recently, lawyers have been asking, where’s Laura Watson?  She hasn’t been handling a docket for a few days, but her well earned hiatus hasn’t been spent idling by the pool.  Watson’s been busy indeed, with her JQC trial set to start this Monday, February 10th at 10:00 AM, in Room 347.

But trial prep wasn’t the only order of the day.  The ever plucky Watson filed suit in Federal Court today, against the JQC as a body, its Director and individual members (except the laypeople), and her prosecutors.  That’s right, a whole bunch of judges just got sued.  Click the links for the /files/34726-32374/Exhibits_Fed_Complaint.pdf”>corresponding exhibits, and here.  It’s hard to say what will be happening to Monday’s trial date in light of today’s action, or the outcome of the entire affair, but it seems today’s developments are unprecedented, even for bonkers Broward County.

Stay tuned …


Thoughts and prayers go out to the Robinson family, as Mary remains in critical condition following a mid-trial collapse yesterday afternoon around 5:00 PM.  Obviously this is a time to respect the Robinson family’s privacy, but in light of the fact mainstream media is aware of the situation and the abundant courthouse rumors, this has been posted.  

God Bless …


 Barry Stone (2011)

Fourth DCA alum/senior judge Barry Stone is taking over Cindy Imperato’s division full time, starting February 10th.  All hearings will be set via Imperato’s office in the North Wing, where Stone will share space with Imperato until Peter Weinstein moves her back to Criminal full time. 
Get those Motions To Suppress filed ASAP …

As far as the pending Imperato family DUI’s, there’s not much new to report.  Alexander’s is still unfiled, and Jeremy Kroll
has been retained.  The judicial DUI up in Palm Beach has been set off to March 10th, for case disposition.

Will Cindy be going to trial?  It’s anyone’s guess.  But one thing’s for sure.  The JQC is likely to take a hard look at anything that sticks to the elder Imperato, based on today’s publication of the stipulation  between the judicial police and Hillsborough County’s resident DUI judge Tracy Sheehan.

The Sheehan JQC documents are found here.  She’s agreed to a public reprimand, after blowing a .171/.161 following her first DUI arrest during a night out in Ybor City.  She did roadsides, submitted to the breathalyzer, accepted full responsibility for her actions, sought help, and apologized profusely.  The JQC categorized Sheehan’s crime “an isolated incident“.

Imperato, still only accused, refused roadsides and a breathalyzer.  She’s currently exercising her right to fight the charges.  And, according to the Sun Sentinel, this is her second DUI, after a 1988 arrest in Leon County with property damage or personal injury.  It’s unknown at this time if this is a first or second refusal.

The facts as alleged are certainly much different than those in the Sheehan matter, so the stakes could be a lot higher for Imperato than previously thought.  In the meantime, she’s still officially the judge in Randy Tundidor’s  death penalty case …

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Miami Herald: Kudos to Judge Sheehan who owns DUI mistake (July, 2013)

” … The judge blew.

“I had already made a horrible decision and could not compound it by playing lawyer,” she says
… “

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Colbath gives wayward Goodman juror six months


Is everybody having fun so far?

We’re not.  That sickening feeling just won’t go away. 

Walk into any Broward felony courtroom, and it’ll grip you too, if you’ve got half a heart.  Damn near everyone in custody is Black, same as the folks in the pews waiting for their cases to be called.  The Drug War and other traditional factors directly linked to the proliferation of poverty in minority communities continue to take a heavy toll.  Jim Crow never died, he just learned table manners.

So keep the boo hoo hoos to yourself concerning this nasty old JAABLOG.  Nobody around here gives a wet noodle.  Those in Broward who control absolutely everything couldn’t care less about changing anything, so don’t expect things to be different from us either.  If you like to tell other people what to do, we’ll continue to hold you to the same impossibly high standards demanded of poor people who can’t even drive a car without being harassed by the cops.

Sure, you’ve got a job to do.  And some of you do it well.  But it was your choice to climb up that flag pole, where one carelessly misplaced adjudication can fall and crush an individual and his entire family’s future.  Call us old fashioned, and certainly Old Testament, since collective punishment is still the order of the day.  All of you are interchangeable, just like the case numbers that shield burned out eyes from the humanity underneath.  From Tallahassee to Key West, rest assured.  If we hear about your foible, you’ll get a star turn, guaranteed.

Your idea of the legal profession may be a bordello inspired clubhouse filled with pots of gold, guided by delightful double standards of behavior, and led by powerful apologists.  But it was never ours, and never will be.  Courage is in short supply in the face of glaring racism, seen everyday in Broward courts, and unlikely to change anytime soon.  So until that certain dream comes true, don’t be foolish enough to expect any changes around here either. 

It’s the least we can do …

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JAABLOG: How To Win The Drug War (2011)


                           WHO WILL THE NEW COURTHOUSE BE NAMED AFTER?
                    (Weinstein, Robinson, Ross, Diaz, and Tobin are but five possibilities)  


Peter Weinstein’s MLK Day message, sent via email on January 17th:

I was reminiscing with my brother on the phone this morning and we remembered when our dad, who was then a State Assemblyman in New York traveled to Washington to attend and support Dr. King’s march.

I remember him telling us all about Dr. King’s speech and its importance to advancing civil rights in our country. As we prepare to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King day, please take time to remember the purpose of this observation and how we, as the judicial branch can continue to advance equal justice for all who appear in our courts and honor Dr. King’s legacy.

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CNN – Why are lawyers killing themselves?

 “Being a physician has stress. However, when the surgeon goes into the surgical suite to perform his surgery, they don’t send another physician in to try to kill the patient … “


We hold that liability for a defamatory blog post involving a matter of public concern cannot be imposed without proof of fault and actual damages Federal Court of Appeals Opinion.

A panel of 9th Circuit judges rules that bloggers have the same 1st Amendment protections as traditional news media … Los Angeles Times.

Will this have any bearing on the Florida Bar’s restrictions on attorney speech?  And will a lawyer be able to bypass Bar rules by starting his/her own blog?

Will Rumpole and Captain now reveal their identities?

Stay tuned …

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Coming Soon – are 17th Circuit judges tacitly encouraged to send people to prison to ease county jail overcrowding?