Carlos Rebollo, John Contini, John Murphy, Tom Lynch, and Al Milian, at Advanced Judicial College in Orlando, earlier this week.


A freshly sworn Nina Di Pietro.  That’s Charlie Greene’s hand, having some good-natured fun with the local paparazzi.


Adam Sandler’s father-in-law Joe Titone, who has a colorful history all his own


Before Mike Satz and Al Schreiber, there was Phil Shailer.  Public Defender from 1968-69, and State Attorney from 1969 until 1976, Phil decided not to run again after the Bicentennial, and returned to private practice.  The gentleman from Yale and Duke Law counted Satz, Schreiber, Bob Butterworth, Ken Jenne, Glenn Roderman, David Bogenschutz, Warner Olds, Ralph Ray, Chris Roberts, Jimmy Cohn, and many others amongst his employees.  If only he’d stayed …


Wayne Carini, from Chasing Classic Cars, at this year’s Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance.


U.S. Congressman Ted Deutch with Ari Porth.


Peter Weinstein delights admirers with his spot-on impression of Marlon Brando in The Godfather


Perry Thurston, Howard Forman, and Lori Parrish.


More surprises heading your way in 2016?

Coming SoonBrannon v. Finkelstein heads to court …

June 10, 2015 Fourth DCA Order To Show Cause on Contini cases

NYT: The High Cost Of Bail

Herald: Miami Police initiative to decriminalize pot clears hurdle


We’ve just confirmed a lawyer with both civil and criminal experience, currently working as a prosecutor, will be running in 2016 for county court Group 14, the seat currently occupied by Mary Robinson.

We’re also told Barbara McCarthy and Mike Satz may have opponents, but no confirmations just yet …


Three incumbent judges will shortly be facing a challenge in 2016.

As previously announced, Dale Miller has filed to run against Nina Di Pietro, who was sworn in by Peter Weinstein this morning.  As far as anyone can remember, Di Pietro is the first sitting judge in Broward to receive an opponent before taking the bench.

Michael Dye has filed to run against Hope Tieman Bristol.  His paperwork posted this afternoon over at the Division of Elections.

Lastly, Sam Lopez confirmed earlier today he will be running against Mike Gates.  Rumors of Gates’ retirement are apparently not true, so let’s see if Lopez stays put.

In open seat news, Adriana Alcalde has filed to run against Betsy Benson in the county court seat being vacated by Linda Pratt


Prosecutors, support staff and investigators are continuing their effort to determine exactly how many misdemeanor, traffic and county ordinance cases were involved. We can confirm that, as of this afternoon’s count, ASA David Weigel purposely did not process 116 county ordinance violations and 177 cases involving DUI charges. None of these cases were from arrested defendants. These cases were presentments by police agencies for review. We discovered that the mishandled cases were from 1997 to 2011, an average of approximately 21 cases per year during that time span. For perspective, in fiscal year 2013-14, the Broward State Attorney’s Office filed approximately 48,000 misdemeanor, criminal traffic and DUIs. When it was determined that Mr. Weigel was grossly negligent for not properly handling these cases, and that he had purposely concealed the files from his supervisor, he was fired.

Ron Ishoy, SAO PIO


A supervising ASA has confirmed long-term DUI Case Filing attorney Dave Weigel’s departure from the SAO.  No other information was forthcoming,  but the courthouse is all abuzz concerning a whole bunch of DUI cases that never got filed …

Developing …

UPDATE – details are sketchy, but we’re hearing hundreds of cases involving accidents and blood draws may have gone unfiled due to some sort of mix-up …


APD Dale Miller has filed to run against Rick Scott’s most recent judicial appointment, Nina Di Pietro.  The filing is here.

Di Pietro is not eligible for the standard two-year grace period before having to defend her seat at the polls, due to the timing of Gisele Pollack’s resignation.  She’s up with the rest of the 2016 judges.

The controversial appointment of Di Pietro has sparked more than the usual grousing concerning cronyism and nepotism in courthouse circles, and other candidates could also end up filing in the race.  Husband David Di Pietro, chair of the North Broward Hospital District, will most likely see his fundraising abilities put to the test.

2016 is shaping up to be an interesting election cycle, even before Pollack’s replacement has been sworn in …


Rumor has it Nina DiPietro has been appointed to replace Gisele Pollack on the county court bench …

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. Today, Governor Rick Scott announced the appointment of Nina Weatherly Di Pietro to the Broward County Court.

Di Pietro, 33, of Fort Lauderdale, has practiced with the law offices of David Di Pietro, P.A. since 2013. She previously practiced with the Kreiss Law Firm from 2008-2013, and served as an assistant public defender from 2006-2008. Di Pietro received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida and her law degree from Nova Southeastern University. She fills a vacancy created by the resignation of Judge Gisele Pollack.

Governor Rick Scott said, “Nina has the experience and knowledge that will make her an honorable judge. I am confident that she will fairly serve Floridians in her new role on the Broward Court bench.

(JAABLOG Post: 12:55 PM;  Press Release: 5:01 PM)

Supreme Court rejects sweetheart JQC deal for Cindy Imperato

SCT enhances proposed JQC punishment for Jacqueline Schwartz


Say goodbye to First Appearances as you know it.  The new bond schedule is out, eliminating many common convenience bonds on non-drug crimes.

This has been brewing since well before the chief judge election, with everyone waiting for Peter Weinstein to make a decision.  BSO, the SAO, and the Public Defender’s Office supported eliminating convenience bonds, and now it appears court administration has mostly agreed with the major stakeholders’ positions.

How will it work?  Many offenders will now have to see a magistrate judge before being given a bond.  It’s unclear at this time whether the extra burden will fall on Jay Hurley, or whether a third daily magistrate session will be added, with another presiding judge to relieve the pressure.  Expect much higher bonds for those with prior records, more pretrial for those without serious backgrounds, and many more bond revocations, since those with an already pending case won’t be able to bond out quickly before facing the music at First Appearances  …

(New Bond Schedule Here – Effective May 18, 2015)