Samuel D. Lopez

John D. Fry

Abbe S. Rifkin

H. James Curry, Jr.

Robert G. Nichols

Tom Coleman

Mark Mastrarrigo

Max G. Soren

Andrew L. Salvage

Russell Miller Thompson

Adam Scott Goldberg

Michele McCaul Ricca

Mariya Weekes

Phoebee Rebecca Francois

Linda M. Leali

Claudette Renee Vanni

Stefanie C. Moon

Katie Jay

22 thoughts on “18 APPLY/GOLD SPOT”

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    Somebody better drop off a map to where the interviews are going to be held to Coleman.
    We sure wouldn’t want him getting lost.

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      Tommy was never very good at golf anyway unless you can count riding around on a golf cart as part of the game.
      He’s much better falling off of golf carts.
      And this duffis wants desperately to get out from under Satz’ thumb and wants to be a judge?
      Instead of a drug test for these jokers, they should at least require an IQ test.

    1. 2


      Lauder and Shumate did multiple blogs and video clips promoting Lynch and multiple blogs and video clips opposing Lynch’s opponent, Doreen Inkeles. Did Lauder receive something of value? Of Course. Does Shumate work for free? Of course not. FS 104.071 and FS104. 091. Tick Tock Tick Tock. Investigation is ongoing. Lawyer up!!!

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        I read the statutes. This is very serious potential violations with major consequences to all violators including the candidates. Everyone knows Tom Lauder and Mike Ahearn work together. Problems abound.

    2. 4


      These are the cameramen that did months and months of “free” work promoting the candidates of Michael Ahearn and Megan Donahue and tons of “free” work trashing the opponents of Ahearn and Donahue? I’m sure Ahearn’s candidates were “pleasantly surprised” and “stunned” to see Tom Lauder’s Internet Television crew appear randomly at BagelLand, Bill Scherer’s house, etc. to film them for “free.” The candidates were equally “suprised” when Tom Lauder constantly filmed and posted negative internet television videos as well as innumerable negative blogs about (“coincidentally”), their opponents for “free.”
      Examine the candidates’ Campaign Finance Reports…not one expenditure for internet TV or Lauder’s work. Months of work for free? Just doesn’t add up. Common sense tells us no one would ever do this much work gratis.

      Candidates were well aware when they hired Michael Ahearn, they got Tom Lauder. And, Unfortunately,their opponents were well award, if they didn’t hire Michael Ahearn, they got Tom Lauder. One would have to be deaf, dumb and blind to think otherwise. The VICTIMS are the candidates who were on the opposite end of Ahearn that had to endure the trashing. The shennanigans and scare tactics must end. Elections in Broward County must be run fairly. That is the purpose of election laws and why when Megan Donahue signed up as Deputy Treasurer she took the oath that she read, understood and agreed to follow Chapters 104 and 106, Florida Statutes.

      The dots are being connected. The truth will be revealed.

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      It’s sad that Nichols is once again making an ass of himself. What part of he will never be a judge does he not get? This is proof that the weirdo does not have common sense.

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    The Public Defender’s Office worked non-stop to get Judge Feren off of their cases. Yet a misdemeanor defendant named Register has sat in the main jail for a month, on petty charges, unable to make a very low bond. Where is the PD in Judge Hurley’s division on this one. Judge Hurley and the PD should employ better management skills to avoid wasting so much tax payer money keeping someone like this in jail when there are so many alternatives. An ROR should have been entered within the first week after arrest. The PD needs to get to work. This is an embarrassment for them, the judge, and the system.

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    Bob Nipples needs to realize when you research his name on the internet, the first thing you see is “wanna be judge likes to be kissed in hot places.” Dude, that is not a good thing to have on your resume as a lawyer or a judge. A real bad character flaw pal. The tax payers are not concerned that you are ready to retire and have no insurance or pension.

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    Please, please, please invite Downtown Reporting into the Broward courthouse. You won’t be sorry. It will clean up the firms who cheat their reporters by never furnishing an accounting of the work the reporters are being paid for and it will get rid of the incompetent court reporters who can’t read back.

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