Haccord Curry, Kal Le Var Evans, John Fry, Jorge Hurtado, Susan Odzer-Hugentugler, Steven Hyatt, Doreen Inkeles, Daniel Kanner, Tony Loe, Samuel Lopez, Ed Merrigan, Andy Newman, Mark Rickard, Abbe Rifkin, Maxine Streeter, Richard Sachs, Gerard Williams, Stephen Zaccor.

Surprise, Jay Hurley didn’t put in …

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    I guess he didnt want to answer the question of “Are you not the longest serving Judge in Florida never to preside over a jury or non jury trial as a Judge?” Hard to justify being elevated to Circuit with that fact out there.

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    She must think so otherwise she wouldn’t have changed it. Maybe Ari Odzer will do a story on TV about it.

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    What a list of losers. Suppose somebody has to get it, but this list looks pretty bad.

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    2014 Judicial Wishlist wrote:
    2014 Judicial and Courthouse Wishlist
    1) More open to public records requests
    2) Public access to the Judge’s time sheets
    3) Donnie Goodwin becomes a Judge
    4). The Judicial Assistants return phone calls/emails
    5) The Judges start on time
    6) Jaablaw sponsors a poll grading the judges performance and includes a comments section
    6) The Judges hold police officer’s in contempt when they perjure themselves
    7) Michael Satz falls in love, resigns, and moves to Europe
    8) Gordon Weekes becomes the new State Attorney
    9) Howard Forman retires and the new clerk fires all upper management.
    10) BSO mans the security at the entry of the Courthouse.
    11) The SA pursues elder abuse instead of viciously pursuing non-violent drug offenders.

    Bill Gelin deserves a trophy!

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    Here is the Chief Judge Wishlist for 2014
    1) That Lisa Porter, Carlos Rebollo, or Raag Singhal is the next Chief Judge.
    2) McCarthy is moved to foreclosures
    3) That lazy County Judges are moved out of their divisions.
    4) That certain County Judges begin on time and put in 8 hours of work.
    5) That the new Chief Judge require that County Judges who have no work assist with child support and traffic tickets.
    6) That the Chief Judges rotates all Judges who have been in the same division for 4 years (including the Dependency Judges)

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    Am I missing something? It looks like there’s like one or two lawyers on the list that wouldn’t be getting a big fat pay raise by getting appointed. It seems like the system is broke.

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    It’s an election year for Great Scott.

    It goes to Merrigan or Fry.

    Then Great Scott can dole out a favor to some undeserving politically wired hack by awarding them the vacated County position. Bonus–Fry appointment curries favor with the PBA while Merrigan gets help from Seiler and Veterans Groups.

    I don’t know why the other people killed all those trees for no reason.

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    Scott should appoint Crist to get him off his back. Who wouldn’t want to be a Broward County Judge?

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    Loe will be great because they won’t have to pay for a prosecutor in his division.

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    @8:29 You don’t know what you are talking about. The PBA will do EVERYTHING in their power to taken down Rick Scott and Rick Scott knows this.
    Telling Rick Scott you’re anti-PBA may get you appointed, the converse won’t.
    Merrigan should get this seat. Tony Loe is a dark horse.

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    I’m thrilled Judge Hurley didn’t put his name in for Circuit. He is doing an outstanding job with First Appearances. The SA and PD admire and respect his rulings, judicial temperament, worth ethic, and how he brings dignity to the bench.

    Three Cheers for Judge Hurley!!!!!!!!

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    I am so glad that Hurley is staying on as First Appearance judge. He is just so smooth. He is a great bond-setter. He is full of fairness. Hurley represents the pinnacle of justice. He never plays up to the camera. Always poker-faced. Such a beautifully orchestrated session. Doesn’t get any better. Hooray for Hurley!!! Thanks for remaining as “our” First Appearance judge.

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    Why does Hurley read the PC affidavit out loud at first appearance?? What happened to a presumption of innocence? Find PC, set a bond if necessary and move to the next case. Why does the chief judge allow this? It’s time for other judges to rotate in FA court.

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    I beleive there is a question on the application for an applicant to talk about important cases they have been involved with, so how would Jay’s look?

    1) Red Lobster case, internationally reported and discussed on multiple cable tv shows as well as Jay Leno.
    2) Google search says I am the most quoted Broward Judge in the media.
    3) I am the first Judge to have my dockett on live streamed online.
    4) Drew Atria thinks I am really funny
    5) Largest name plate of any Judge in the State of Florida.

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    Visited Court Registry Thurs. last, 1:30 pm. to see if tenant had deposited rent. Lady Clerk at the window said she wasn’t able to access the info., that the clerk who could was out to lunch, come back at 2. Can I have a phone number to check back: NO. Any way to check online: NO. Surley attitude: YES. Get rid of Forman.

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    Judge Hurley is a distinguished jurist! He does an excellent job reading PC affidavits out loud. He is well versed in fine points of law that come up in bond court. In my opinion – most scholarly judge on the broward bench.

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