BSO Media Relations has confirmed the suspension with pay of two female detention employees for Conduct Unbecoming an Employee. One is employed as a Detention Technician, and the other is a Deputy.  Nothing else is forthcoming at this time, however, our post earlier today has apparently created quite a bit of media interest, so expect the full story to break soon …

SS: Finkelstein Prevails Over Brannon

5 thoughts on “2 SUSPENDED”

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    Leave it to BSO to just be concerned with damage control. Of Course the perps are suspended with pay. They were probably paying the prisoners for sex if I had to guess ! Lol

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    In the school I used to go girls did stuf like this all the time. They had a thing for it. Hey, it was between consenting adults, right ? My first wife had a thing for it too. It was really no big deal !

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