217 thoughts on “2017 BACDL GULKIN AWARD …”

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      Ferraro couldn’t try her way out of a wet paper bag … she’s been hiding down the gopher hole in PD until she couldn’t even deal with that anymore. Laughable… that’s
      Ike thinking Rene could try a case or something.

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      Mr. Corruption is trying to figure out new ways to copycat this website to drive traffic for his amazon purchases. A 3 year old could make a better site than the one he promotes. Just wait. Mr. Corruption will be back pretending to have a news story. Claims to be an electrician. Nothing adds up other than his dumb comments on this site. Good riddance

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      Who said anyone’s gone.

      Building next to Grady’s Ask that owner. Who’s BS?
      Henderson was there.
      Notice you shut up about that.

      Not me, but another Electrician hired F. Haddad.
      Guess we’re stupid but can afford you.

      He said his attorney was the greatest, so went to court with him, late 80’s?

      Guy is awesome. think WE are BS, be nice, we’ll tell you the story, and just like Henderson, bet he remembers.

      Most of you are Defense Attorneys, so attack, and understand if we don’t defend, we admit guilt.

      PD’s We’ll do a story to inform voters. Little late though. We’ll have to reference this blog, but we do understand this blogs real purpose so we will just refer to it as a “Reliable Popular Courthouse Blog” and copy and paste your posts.

      Believe us, you do not want the people that contact us here. So please no copy cat crap.

      A lot of people frustrated and misguided about a lot.

      We originally set up our blog, not website, so people from this blog would feel comfortable leaving tips.

      Using a better theme now but anon tip box works the same.

      Narc, we were called by someone else. Man you are so off base.
      That was 20+ years ago, don’t do that anymore.

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      We don’t know everything, So little children should be seen and not heard. Know a lot, don’t under estimate us.

      Know more than some believe.

      Contacted by some saying we got under Howards Skin.
      Not what we expected but makes sense.

      That surprised us, but that’s how we work.

      Stir the pot and see what scum floats to the top.

      Thought Contini’s friends.
      Wait till you see our newest project.

      It will help with some problems for some of you.
      Building allies first, surprising most are north of here.
      No one with balls here, just BS.

      We can also remain anonymous.
      Guess you went to our website and know the BS about malware.

      Also we would point out our website and blog are both HTTPS secure sites and this blog is a go-daddy http unsecure site.
      No offense Bill we love ya.

      Be nice if you would confirm. On our footer is a link to AVG who we are registered with that confirms no malware.

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    She is a beautiful woman, mother, and friend. She has always shown grace, under fire in every case she had. She gave guidance and tutelage to every pd who came through the office for the past few decades. For the young pd that needed an answer in the late afternoon, she never said come back. She always made it possible to take time for a few minutes to help you out. I know that she influenced many female attorneys, but they are outnumbered by the volume of male attorneys who gained valuable knowledge of how to be a trial attorney, much more than any male supervisor or attorney. To say she had chutzpah would be an understatement. HUGE. Whether a difficult client, prosecutor or judge, she demonstrated how to fight back and keep your bar card, all the while taking care of your client’s interest. Good for her and the BACDL for rewarding a criminal defense attorney who has fought for the indigent her whole life.

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      Never saw Ferraro in court because she hasn’t been in court or handling cases in years. Thought they just kept her around like that other do nothing Porter to change the newbies diapers like they were big momma or something.
      Neither one of them could ever do much so didn’t.
      Nothing like awarding incompetence with another piece of worthless crap she can hang on her bathroom wall with the laxative wallpaper.

      1. 8

        Wow. This and a few other comments are disgusting. She had to stop coming to court and trying cases bc she had breast cancer. Double mastectomy and multiple rounds of chemo. Dorothy is an amazing woman and an amazing lawyer.

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        There’s going to be a lot of 2 year Judge’s lost in the sea of candidates in 2018.
        All Scott/Trump appointments should be voted out.

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          I agree! If you don’t like what is going on, then register to vote and vote the bastards out. Hey Bill, do the world a favor and start listing the seats up in 2018 and let the skewering begin.

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    Poor Flo. She looks like the only one who couldn’t get to the bottom of her plate of glatt kishke. Midnight room service bacon cheeseburger to the rescue.

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    Thius an illustration of what $150,000 a year will buy.

    Chief Justice Roberts in the New York Times noted:

    “Further, he noted that judges were increasingly drawn from among lawyers already working in the public sector, often as state court judges or federal magistrate judges. Fewer than 40 percent of new federal district judges come from the private sector, Chief Justice Roberts said, adding, “It changes the nature of the federal judiciary when judges are no longer drawn primarily from among the best lawyers in the practicing bar.”

    Governor Scott has his hands tied when picking for the bench. Plainly judicial pay must be raised to a living wage if Florida expects anything but bottom feeders looking for a pay increase to apply for judgeships.

    Increase judicial pay and attract the best. It’s not a great mystery why the Florida bench is mediocre at best.

      1. 6

        And that’s a healthy salary for a part-time job. It’s not the salary. It’s the crooked JNC process. There are a million brilliant lawyers that would serve but they don’t apply because it’s a crooked crony payback system. Some 35 year old nitwit with the right last name will get it every time over a qualified yet unconnected practitioner that can’t spend every free minute at political functions.

        1. 2

          Got our attention!
          Remember an attorney here saying hard time making $50.00 a year. Must of tried on their own.

          Important thing is “qualified”.

          Agree about the JNC.

          Disagree though, not a part time job. Most work a long day.

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      Broward judges are the worst examples of this principle in the state. Take out the trash and vote these parasites out of office. Start with the three suckers stuffing their faces in your pic.

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    The problem is equally with the lawyers. It’s called public service for a reason. Successful lawyers are supposed to give back at some point in their career by working for peanuts as a Judge. But that doesn’t happen much anymore. As consumption and ostentation has become almost a religion in this country the successful lawyers mostly prefer buying a bigger yacht or more homes than going into public service. Hence the career bureaucrat Judge and broke political butt kisser on the bench is the norm rather than gifted people that young lawyers and others can look up to as an example.

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      That’s why we thought John McCray should run for PD.

      Who’s better, lot’s of reasons. Hope he’s listening. Retire with what this person is saying. Broward needs you. Retire with a nice pension and give some respect back to the office.

      More than qualified. Bet he would personally answer PD’s questions.

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      She’s been pickled for years. An admitted feminist and Radcliffe chicky, she moved down here to take advantage of the ripe pickins and did for longer than most would have wanted. Nevertheless, Rest In Peace Patsy; you got all the time in the world now to gurgle cocktails and lie in the sun and complain about what’s been a perceived uphill battle in what you called a man’s world.
      I’ll miss your stories at cocktail hour.

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        Never impressed me much. Just another blowhard Broward judge milking taxpayers for all she could. These people couldn’t do anything else so it’s the free ride as long as it lasts. She lasted longer than a lot of others and pinched the perks for all they were worth. At least she was decent about it didn’t show to the bench drunk or drugged like alot of others.

      2. 1

        She didn’t drink you moron. That was Laswell’s forte and he quit long before he died. Get your facts straight before opening your mouth

      3. 1

        She didn’t drink. Get your facts straight before opening your mouth. That was Laswell’s forte and he quit long before he died.

          1. 2

            Just another anonymous spineless jellyfish who likes to sting but when he gets in front of a judge, he smiles in his oily way and tells the judge how wonderful he or she is. It’s a wonder any of them believe what they hear in their courtroom.ac

            1. 1

              Kind of like the self serving oily line you fed to Litl Howie about Big Red was going to wait for him outside the gym parking lot to teach him a lesson on manners when he was gobbling up all the psych evals ? Like that Trudy? LOL

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    The days of the learned and wise bestowing judgment from the bench are long gone.

    So obvious.

    It’s a pension grab. Pure and simple.

    If one desires a slice of the pie, learn to play politics. Grease the right palms and egos.

    Just stop whining about it.

    It’s a major bore.

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      Don’t be so cynical. Love, hard-work and professionalism can win out. I agree the system is broken but it will only get better when good men and women are willing to sacrifice some money for the greater good. Register to vote and vote the bastards out.

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    I guess the way some of them act is what bothers me. Some weren’t very good at lawyering and as soon as they make the appointment they act all high and mighty.

      1. 2

        Reminds me of the old saying “The higher u climb the flag pole the more u show your ass” .
        Robinson needs to get opposition and be soundly defeated badly. He’s a bad joke if you ask me.

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      His cronies on the bench and North Broward Hospital District may have something to say about that. If you run, they will call you a racist and a bigot. Every position should draw competition, especially those who were appointed by the Governor and have never received a single vote from the citizenry. Register to vote and vote the bastards out. Bill, this is your uncle Bob calling, please post the judges up for re-election in 2018. Let’s keep the Dream alive because without love and a dream it will never come true!

    2. 4


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      9 people shot at MLK Park in Miami over the holiday. Some way to celebrate one of the most revered people of the last century. What’s wrong with these people. They couldn’t put down their Obama phones long enough to seek safety as it was happening.

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    I second Callahan’s suggestion in a previous thread that Johnny Weeks should run for PD.

    That way a Weeks v Weeks battle would split the Howie/Weeks vote, and John McCray would come out the victor!

    Go Johnny (x2)

    1. 2

      Gordo will never be able to convince voters. He doesn’t convince anybody now that he knows what he’s doing. Not that he does much. You won’t see this slacker in court ever.

  8. 3

    There are victims from the shooting at the Fort Lauderdale International airport still in the hospital. They have many family members that are stranded and need assistance. We at Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue are trying to do our part to help the families.

    At this point, a lot of their resources are dissipating. They are turning to our local community and neighbors for support during this difficult part of their life until they can get their loved ones home. Presently, they have no one to go to for help.

    They are looking for lunch and dinners starting on Monday January 16th and lasting for a few weeks. If you would like to offer cooked food please contact Julie at lurie.julie@gmail.com

    The families are asking that they have zero contact with anyone. The best way to help is to give Publix\Winn Dixie\Whole Foods\Fresh Market\ gift cards or restaurant gift cards and we will distribute. Everything helps.

    Any cards collected can be sent to:

    Fort Lauderdale Main Firehouse 2
    528 NW 2nd Street
    Fort Lauderdale Fl 33311

    Attn: Elizabeth Cohen

    1. 7

      Mr. Corruption is back at it by copying more websites and pasting here as if it were his own. Dumb. Just Dumb


      Folks, remember that Mr. Corruption is the electrician that built most of the homes in lauddy, that is a dumpster diver for legal books, that now writes code, and pretends to be a reporter on corruption. Let’s not forget that Mr. Corruption proclaims that he is highly educated but can’t spell or use grammar correctly. Mr. Corruption sure can copy a lot!

      Mr. Corruption is a till trying to drive traffic from jaablaw to his dumb website built by a 3 year old for stupid amazon purchases. Dumb. Just Dumb.

      I smell a rat. Rats get bats.

      1. 2

        Someone try’s to help and you do this?

        We found that article somewhere else not WSVN.

        The one we found had her personal cell number which she asked us not to publish.

        When we talked to Julie earlier, she had no problem with us publishing it and confirmed the info is correct.

        The fire fighters of Broward are doing this for them, and we’re sure they appreciate you remarks.

        We told her we were also going to post it here, and a few other places, so some of them are probably looking.
        You could end up with a lot of fireman not liking you.

        Instead of talking crap, why don’t you pull out your wallet, and donate.

        1. 7

          What a hack. Mr. Corruption copied from a different website. Dumb.
          Did you donate? You are dumb. Really dumb. Stop trying to drive traffic to your dumb website. Leave. Disappear.

      2. 2

        We never have said we are reporters, we say news gatherers.
        We’re finding all the info we can on corruption in South Florida and putting it into one place.

        Not stupid try doing it. The older the story is, the more the info disappears. Especially corruption related stories.

        We want to make sure these stories are NEVER forgotten.
        We also want average people to be able to access them all in one place rather than having to go to several different websites to get it.

        That’s not the same as being a reporter.

        You know this because you claim to have read our About us page and did, pointing out a typo to us.

        So to continue to claim we say we are reporters, makes you a liar.

        We.ve been posting here since last spring and have never been attacked or disrespected like this until lately.

        We’re not stupid. Everyone look at the timeline and see this all started after we published the actual complaint filed with the JQC concerning Destry.

        Sure he has more than a few friends.
        Hope these few aren’t in line for the bench or already on it..

        1. 9

          Mr. Corruption is a “news gatherer” what a hack. Copying other people’s work is not a noble profession.

          You have been here since the spring? I haven seen you but recently. You have been a news gatherer for all of 4 months? Just dumb

          Newsflash. Mr. Corruption can’t afford to pay his website or pay for copies of public records but wants to make sure “stories are NEVER forgotten” that’s just dumb.

          Sounds like a con artist trying to scam money from people. Mr. Corruption has an axe to grind and is targeting people. Just wait. Mr. Corruption is going to start targeting people.

          Mr. Corruption is only here to drive traffic to his horrible website. Scams people to make purchases. Not a newsflash that Mr. Corruption is stupid. Every one already knew that

          1. 2

            You’re the only one attacking. We will defend ourselves. Seems you spend a lot of time screwing with us.

            “a con artist trying to scam money from people”?
            Your statements are Libelous!

            What’s the scam. We don’t sell a product or service.
            Amazon adds? Wow, almost every website has some form of adds on it.
            Again what’s the scam?

            Your an attorney, sure you know those statements are Libelous.

            No axe to grind. That’s obviously the way you roll though.

            1. 3

              Hey man, I like the additions of South Florida Corruption! What’s the big deal. There’s enough corruption with judges in Broward to go around. Worst judges in the state.

              1. 7

                There are no additions from Mr. Corruption he copies other people’s work and pasted it here. Why? He has his own website? Why be posting links to your website on someone else’s. it dumb. There is a motive here and it’s not for legitimate reasons. Therefore you are also just one of Mr. Corruption’s friends trying to make him seem legit. He is not.

            2. 7

              You are too stupid to know what you write. Calling people “narcissist” “assholes” now writing that you are being libeled! You are just too stupid to know what you write.

              “Amazon adds”
              “Your an attorney”
              “Those statements are Libelous”
              Mr. Corruption is really stupid.

              Start reading those books you went dumpster diving for. Get an education. Maybe that’s why you spend all of time trolling this site dropping links to your stupid site that was built by a 3 year old.

        2. 5

          HEY Mr Corruption
          “You know this because you claim to have read our About us page and did, pointing out a typo to us.”
          It was not them pointing out the typo , It was ME
          there are more than 3 people that hate you on this blog
          I want my credit!!!

          1. 3

            These are your future judges.
            Sexist, foul-mouthed, condescending, arrogant.

            Sounds like they hate more than SFC
            I’ve seen their other comments.
            See how they refer to women?
            These guys are PIGS!

    2. 8

      Mr. Corruption now pretends he works at the Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue.
      “We at the Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue”

      This lazy idiot is busy. Copying that is

    1. 6

      I don’t get it. Judges are people too and part of going to college is getting blasted on beers. Everyone is entitled to sow some wild oats in college. If some stick in the mud Supreme Court Justice gets uncomfortable then they should go to a different college.

      1. 3

        Judicial College sounds lamer than BYU. A gal can’t even get liquored up without everyone oogling about it the next day. And when a gal wants a large meat lovers pizza or a triple cheese burger at 2 am Judicial College only offers kosher food. Lame O!!!!

  9. 7

    Is it true there were complaints to the hotel management because security kept asking Benson for her room key? I guess the bad hair and ratty clothes caused security to think she was a homeless beggar.

      1. 1

        She only planned on one term. She will be at the cutoff retirement age in 6 years. Stop making fun of her appearance. Im sure she will go back to working for Howard. She can’t make it on her own. PD don’t have mandatory retirement age, she can work there.

  10. 9

    corruption hack…victims families are stranded in Fort Lauderdale? and starving? where are they staying? how are they being transported? why would they need publix gift cards ?

    Why is a Fort Lauderdale employee accepting the gift cards? why isn’t the county putting out a memo or the city?

    I was really happy not hearing from this guy but as usual his site gets no traction so here we go again.

    1. 9

      Read above.
      Mr. Corruption copied a news report and pasted here. Dumb.
      Shocking that he copied a news story. Just Dumb

  11. 11

    Then he says I’m going to stop posting and responding out of respect for this blog. Also because you people are lawyers and don’t know me, etc. So he went from posting several times a day to stopping for what 48-72 hours?

    Now he’s back with a cut and paste story about how the victims from the shooting at the airport need support. Here’s how it works: if you copy/borrow/steal a story it’s called a citation. Say for example … the nice folks at the Herald want everyone to know that the victims need help. Don’t claim someone else’s writing, story, ideas as your own.

    For now BEAT IT.

    1. 3

      Why doesn’t this corruption guy call all the attendees at judicial college and find out the story of the inappropriate behavior by a Broward Circuit Judge.

  12. 1


    1. 0

      Thurston for PD or any other office ? LOL. This guy is as worthless as they come with no redeeming qualities except for maybe his unquestioned desire to eat is way to the bottom of the public trough to make ends meat ! ! !

    1. 0

      Where’s imperato gonna mop the floor now ? Lol she will find another rock gut tavern to meet Chucky Cheeze for their long and intimate huddles.

  13. 2

    Please ditch Boss Reporting and instate Downtown Reporting (954-522-3376) with a contract. Mike Frost is the most knowledgeable of the business, he is an attorney, and he adheres to the deadlines for both DCA and regular transcripts.

    Boss Reporting– I don’t have the space to fully articulate everything that is unethical and there’s no guarantee that you won’t see a repeat in the future of the colossal crisis and embarrassment experienced in 2016.

    Apex is owned by a “green” owner without sufficient experience.

    1. 1


    2. 0


  14. 2

    They should have Honeless Court in Broward with the Judge who used to live in his Chambers as the Judge because he was homeless too.

    The public park pot smoking weirdo Judge should be in charge of Drug Court since the last Marijuana Court Judge got removed for driving drunk back from rehab.

    1. 0

      That was Judge Moe during his divorce! LOL. Just one of many clown Broward judges who figured it was a cheap way to weather the storm at tax payer expense as if his exorbitant salary wasn’t enough ! These swine use the tax payer’s dime for anything they can get. It’s a free lunch without end as long as they can get away with it ! Vote the scabs out and drain the swamp in Broward. These scabs on the butt of humanity need to pay their own way, not slime their way into the pockets of taxpayers footing the bill. Broward judges are known for it !

  15. 1

    So if Boss makes contributions to political campaigns that must be public record. I wonder how much money we are talking about. And I’m sure there’s under-the-table contributions also.

  16. 4

    Hey Jose, Julio, Esteban, Juan, What’s the problem? I need a drink.
    Bartender: my name is not Jose or Esteban. It’s …
    New Judge: Whatever. Who cares it’s all the same. Just get me a drink!

    Gotta love the BRAND NEW JUDGES that haven’t even made it to the bench yet (only to judges school) and are already an embarrassment. 😳
    Only in BROWARD! Hahahahaha

        1. 6

          Mr. Corruption there are many people on here that don’t give a rats ass what you write because what you write is dumb.

          Why are you on here anyways? just to poach unsuspecting people that mistakenly click on your links. Why do you embed a link to your dumb website that a 3 year old built? DONT click on his name as it redirects you to his website so he can sell your information.

          Why do you have a copyright symbol before your embedded link? Do you even know what that means? Do you realize how stupid your presence is here. That’s a rhetorical question.

          Nobody’s screwing with you. We are just pointing out how dumb you are and what you write has no thought behind it all. Which means you are here for a reason and have an ulterior motive. I smell a rat.

  17. 0

    They can find me, better than police. You are all welcome bro’s

    look up 1%
    Times have changed.
    Watch Inauguration.

    My old life, but can’t forget support and friends, these people are not always criminals.

    You have no clue.
    We are taking back OUR country.

    Yeah, been drinking. Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t.
    Gave the powder up in early 80’s.

    Think I don’t know corruption, send them to get me.

    Think BS You defend send them.
    They will show up, not for your agenda.

    Ask Haddad.

    1. 8

      Mr. Corruption is an idiot and nobody should read a word he writes. Remember he copies and pastes news to this blog to claim as his own even though he has his own website. The website was built by a 3 year old and wants you to make amazon purchases so he can make money. Why is he even here if he has his own website? He is not a reporter he is a “news gatherer.” What a dumb idiot. I smell a rat.

      1. 1

        Best source of info on what’s really going on in Broward courts. For me personally, since 2009.

        You deny this blog is a great source of that kind of info?

        Seem to remember something similar in the PD’s office then also.

        Give us a chance, 8 months. 3 year old, come on man, haven’t even finished the website yet.
        Page 1 Google

        Among other things, we want to better educate the voters of Broward over the next 2 years so they can vote more informed.

        Money, come on, when we saw the Fire Fighters were try to help family’s of the victims, Yeah we have a website, blog YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and more.

        So we published it on all of them. Why? To make money?

        Some of you are pretty dense.

        This is an immediate concern for these people and no time for bureaucratic bull-shit. By the time you do that the need will be gone.

        Are you all so jaded that you can’t trust the fire fighters of Broward?

        Trust them above some Leo’s.

        Remember, they don’t want CASH. Cooked food use the email, they are wanting specifically gift cards for food, those mail or drop off at the main firehouse.

        1. 2

          New Broward courthouse is still on the back foot. County administration is as incompetent as the so called leadership of judges in this circuit. Already smells like mold over the vinyl floor stench. Got to hand it to them, they really messed up on this.

        2. 7

          More name calling from Mr. Corruption. Being called “dense” from someone that spends more time on someone else’s site than his own is pathetic.

          If you own your own website and you’re #1, why the hell are you here? Because you are an idiot with no one that uses your site. You provide nothing that is worthwhile. Just trying to poach and redirect users then scam them for money.

  18. 13

    Why are there 4 posts of gibberish from copycat?

    Dear copycat,

    Nobody cares about your drunk middle of the night tough guy nonsense. Nor do we give a sh*t about your wannabe Bill complex. If you’re going to come on this blog learn how to focus “bro” and stop talking about yourself. Currently we’re talking about the new judge that was drunk at judicial college and had some difficulty trying to get her drinks. Sounds like she’s perfect for civil.



    Blog Reader Bored With You

    1. 1

      Read our comments for the last 8 months and see the ONLY time we talk about ourselves is in defense.

      We watch more than we talk. Ask questions more than anything because we don’t pretend to know everything.

      WE pay attention. Contrary to the peanut gallery we spend more time elsewhere.
      The judge you refer to:
      Wasn’t all that before a member of the bar? Or before a judge?
      Corruption, read our def.
      Ethics maybe, public corruption? Come on man,

      The one who claimed we called people;

      ASSHOLE, Narcissistic is a LIAR!
      We called them an asshole, never Narcissistic!
      They called us NARCS.
      Read the propaganda they spew.
      Has anyone bothered to email Julie from the FD.
      We called, so the same they release to main-stream we were told we can also publish.
      Think about ourselves? More BS
      Ask her if we asked for any recognition.
      Copt-paste? ask the main-stream if they have a problem.

      Buy the way, if anyone wants to help, this won’t be going on long. We didn’t ask but would be certain any donations above what are needed will be donated to some other charity.

      Also notice they don’t want cash, only food. So if you want to donate, either donate FOOD, to the email, or grocery store cards to the main firehouse.

      1. 12

        Mr. Corruption you an idiot. Go back to your dumb site built by a 3 year old. Please tell us that you didn’t pay someone to build that horrible site? Actually do tell us who built that site. Inform us all.

        Mr. Corruption uses so many BIG words that he forgets them all. Maybe he bumped his head when he went dumpster diving for those law books. Mr. Corruption calls us names when he trolls this site. He wants donations and for you to make amazon purchases so he can make money. Stay off this site as nobody cares or believes a word you write. Or copies and pastes. Beat it clown.

        1. 2

          Mr. Corruption,

          Palm Beach County is part of SO FL>
          We got corruption to the levels that would make Broward County blush.

          Your filth, are basically just drunks.
          Our’s, are fully sober when they commit crimes in “plain view”, and are fully aware when they abuse the public.

          1. 2

            Thanks. Now that’s what we’re talking about. We’re aware of PB and have said they’re probably better at not getting caught.

            We live in Broward and are new, so we’re concentrating on them. Here we can go to the courts and watch and video easy.

            The drunk judges issue was going on when we were launching the site and just couldn’t resist lampooning them.

            Like to point out too, many more judges here removed or disciplined than up there.
            We do plan to put Palm Beach there, still haven’t finished Dade and Broward. So many in Broward.

            1. 2

              If you’re an attorney in PB. Contact us and we’ll turn you on to an app that attorneys or defendants can use to live stream the hearing to the net using their phones “inconspicuously” .

              If they give us the link to the broadcast we’ll embed it on our site and broadcast too.

              Not periscope much better, Bambuser. Works on speeds as slow as 2G and dial-up. Totally Free for personal use.

            2. 8

              Why are you here. You have your own site. Why place links to you site on someone else’s? It’s dumb and smells of a scheme. Leave your copy and pastes to your site built by a 3 year old

              1. 1

                We haven’t put links in awhile. We’re not trying to drive you to our site. You already know what’s there. It’s for general public we shouldn’t have to repeat what we’re about. We don’t make money, I know kind of hard for some of you to understand community service.

          2. 8

            Mike. Let’s guess. One of Mr. Corruption’s friends or Mr. Corruption himself. Just dumb. Now Mike is copying me. Just dumb

                1. 0

                  We don’t want it. We were called scammers. Every website you go to, gets it, including this blog.

                  It’s in the server records, nothing is really private that way.

                  Also the website gets the info on what browser you used, I.E. Mozilla, Firefox etc.

                  That’s not something that reveals anything personal about you.

                  We don’t want it, we just get it and don’t bother to look.
                  We do though look at what browser you used so we can use that to better tailor our site for the majority of users.

                  Thanks for the legit question, we have nothing to hide.

                  1. 0

                    On an added note, we could put a Java Script up on our site to let you know your IP.

                    We just thought it would make some paranoid, even though all websites know it.

                    1. 0

                      Than should not go to any website, they all get it. The only one who knows who owns your IP address, is your IP provider. Comcast, ATT ect. They will not release that info to anyone unless subpoenaed. And will usually fight that also. Learn how networks work please. This blog gets the same info. It’s only used to analyze your site to see which pages are most popular. Possibly to ban visitors who harass TT

                    2. 9

                      I will never go to that website again. I accidentally got redirected there by clicking on your name. BIG mistake. The website tries to install malware to track you. Please stop commenting on this website. You are. It a moderator here. You have your own website. STAY AWAY

                    3. 6

                      Mr. Corruption what happened to your copyright symbol? More fraud and misleading stupidity from this idiot. Just dumb

  19. 3

    Clearly at least half of the newly sworn Broward slaphappy fat judges couldn’t cut the mustard in negotiating the Vamp Ramp in the new courthouse! You know Whiney Weinstein would never make it unless you put a jelly doughnut at the other end of the hall. It’s lucky they have their own ramp. You’d have to roll them in on a forklift on this one. Looks like a rat maze !
    It’s the most ridiculous design I’ve ever seen.
    Everyone knows Michael Gottlieb doesn’t wear leather shoes. He wears cheap rubber soled knockoffs from Sawgrass Mills.
    It gets better in this place every day !
    Headed into the new courthouse to get my morning cardio on the Vamp Ramp ! LOL

  20. 1


  21. 1

    Pretty soon judges will be stacked in one room with office dividers and put on time clocks. It might be a good idea given the fact so few of them work a full day and only 3 days a week.

    1. 3

      luzzo sat in criminal court as punishment for not moving his civil docket.
      he had Bidwell doing his VOP hearings
      refused to set trials
      then his criminal grew until he WAS MOVED BACK
      TO CIVIL!!!!

      1. 0

        Meant in 1991 Civil. Seemed to one of the fair ones. Not my judge then someone else’s. Just surprised he’s still there. he has to be old.

        Is there any judge any of you have some respect for?

          1. 0

            John Luzzo, actually it was not civil it was family court 1991. Think they were just starting the family court at the time. Unless there is another John Luzzo. That’s why we said he must be real old, he wasn’t that young then.

            1. 0

              What about the more important question we asked:

              Is there any judge that the majority of you respect, In Broward.

  22. 2




  23. 3

    Judge Michael Lynch did a nice thank you to Spechler and his wife as well as the Cowarts . Interesting that they didn’t show. Judge Lynch is as a class act despite being disrespected. Looks like the rumors of a split between Cowart, Spechler and Lynch are real.

    1. 5

      They are too busy trying to save that ridiculous excuse of a children’s museum young at art to attend Baby Lynch’s pinhead party.

  24. 0

    You are such a liar!

    LIE 1: Why do you embed a link to your dumb website

    Bill does that, not Us. You post anonymous so don’t know when you enter name, email, and website when you post, the blog does that auto.

    LIE 2: redirects you to his website so he can sell your information

    Now you sound stupid. You obviously know nothing about how websites work. The ONLY thing we would get is an IP address just like EVERY other website in the world. Oh, and what browser you used. Hardly something of value to sell.
    If people believe what you said, we should all stay off the internet. So what info are you talking about?

    LIE 3: (By another poster) Tricks you into clicking Amazon adds to make money.

    What we say here can be backed up by looking at what Amazon Affiliate account is and how it works.

    Unlike other websites that use Google Ad words, were you get a few cents every time someone clicks on them, we use Amazon.


    We get paid 4% IF & ONLY IF, someone actually buys something. The price is the same as anywhere else on Amazon. Consumer pays the same.

    WE thought it was a pretty cool way for any visitors to help support us without actually giving us anything, If they use Amazon. No gimmicks
    No pop-up ads either.

    Your accusations don’t hold water.

    After looking at the time line again, we stand corrected. All this crap didn’t start after Contini, it started when we said we like to help the PD’s somehow.

    Talk about suspicious.

    Start targeting people?
    Only corrupt ones which wouldn’t apply to MOST attorneys, judges mostly.
    No, we don’t even pretend that we know everything, that’s what we hoped to get out of this blog and thought of all people, defense attorneys would care more about the subject than most others in their profession. So don’t criticize us educate us about these judges you we can try to educate voters a little better. They’re the only ones who can change things. Give us a chance we’re for real.

    Would think some of you when you go to social events, are sometimes embarrassed to admit you practice law in this county. We thought you cared.

    1. 7

      Mr. Corruption just explained ever reason why he should not be on here. He is only here to redirect people on this site and get paid. He has no one on his site so he posts here with nefarious motivation.

      Get lost dumpster diver and start reading some books. Can’t stop calling people names then says he doesn’t. Have the concussion checked out after you hit your head dumpster diving. Just dumb

  25. 11

    Stop posting South Florida Corruption unless you have something NEW to say. I come on here for courthouse gossip- not your crap. You are boring.

  26. 4

    Lose lips and I don’t mean the ones below the hips…Speak to her in confidence at one’s own risk. No wonder Howard pays her the big bucks, fuckng friends should never come cheap.

  27. 0


    As you know the two court reporting agencies providing service to BCC are Boss and Apex. Please allow me to enlighten you on the qualifications of existing reporters employed by Boss and Apex.

    1. Only two reporters from both Miami-Dade and Broward have attended a NCRA endorsed school.
    2. Only two reporters from both Miami-Dade and Broward have attained the minimum qualifications are: CA CSR, RPR and RMR.

    From the end of 2014 until sometime 2016, Boss had so many appeal transcripts outstanding with the court of appeals that the court reporters had to be ordered out of court.

    In California, it is assumed the court reporters are incompetent if they cannot produce timely appeals. This does not even include the many regular transcripts ordered within the divisions and never prepared due to Boss’ incompetence.

    The work practice of Boss reporters is that they perform one day’s testimony after the other and that’s the way they have always worked in the past and most likely will work in the future, while expecting Apex to automatically pick up the slack because of their overly high opinion of themselves.

    This is a repetition of incompetence dependent on other reporters to cover the courts while Boss reporters think only of themselves and their appeals transcript money.

    Now the alternative is to hire scopist/scopists so that the trials can be produced timely without Broward being the laughing-stock of the whole state. Boss acts as if the DCA time deadlines are merely guidelines and not to be adhered to.

    Due to the incompetence of Boss, Apex had to cover these courts for immediate continuity of service to BCC and that meant that the court reporters of Apex worked seven days a week for many, many months in order to produce timely transcripts, while the owners of Apex were and still are clueless as to the continued taxation on individuals health.

    The sacrifice of good health of a court reporter means nothing to Apex owners as they are coming in every morning with a hangover or maybe not at all. When they did hire reporters they were from the bottom of the barrel without qualifications.

    From the time the new owners took over in 2014, I begged them to hire reporters while they denied me any time off. They said to com in and we’ll “talk about it.” That is a comment used in a love relationship.

    They run their business as a seniority system so the work is not spread evenly around and a new reporter has little invested and will walk out the door. And we all know about the seniority system just by looking at the PD’s office. How much quality talent has walked out the door?

    The calendar secretary at Apex used to roll her eyes at me asking for time off. It would require the lethargic drama queen to use her dialing finger. Way too much exercise. At this point I was experiencing health difficulties, insomnia, seizures, and high blood pressure. While producing perfect and timely transcripts, Apex said I had “issues.”

    As these owners were “green,” saddled with an intense hatred for women, and were being inducted into the court reporting business by third-hand employees/owners whose experience was never successful to begin with and at least 20 years old. And because of this, the owners’ views were entirely scewed and they would not take heed of a warning and instead chose to wait until they had a full-blown crisis on their hands.

    And during this time Boss was still using underhanded and unethical tricks to garner more courtrooms in BCC only to repeat this fiasco from 2014-2016. In any other county they would be gone already. The payoffs must be untraceable and pretty good. Maybe a condo on the west coast?

    I am pleading, begging and proposing that BCC invite Downtown reporting (Mike Frost) for a bid (954-522-3376) and ditch Boss ASAP.

  28. 0

    Does he secretly send a little signal out to his old goomah? A touch of the nose? subtle wink, or the left hand through the red hair…. Watch that smile, if there is one, when his wife comes up to robe him. The affection, if any, should be interesting to see.

  29. 0

    The guy is a gentleman. He has a nice disposition. Very reasonable and fair. Seems intelligent and thoughtful. This is the type of fresh blood that Broward County needs. I think he is doing a great job and it is the first thing that someone can point to that I personally think was a fine decision by the Donald. He doesn’t need any help from a turd. However, Bill will you please put up the list of judges up in 2018 already. If I said it once, I will say it a thousand times …. Register to vote and vote all of the a-holes out!

    1. 2

      We really respect your posts.

      We would like to know also.

      Like you have said before, Circuit 90’s, about $105,000, Today, 147,000.
      Need to pay them more.

      We Remember Leroy Moe, Let E’m Go Moe.

      Think then he was going through divorce and judges were paid twice a year and she played him good.

      Nobody cared till the scum sentinel exposed it.

            1. 7

              Yawning go back to your website built by a 3 year old. So dumb.

              If you own your own website, why do you spend so much time here?? Get lost

      1. 4

        Copycat. You are an idiot and do not know anything about the courts. Why do you have a website anyways. You do not have a right to record a hearing. Courts have rules and you have to follow them. Go back to your horrible website

    2. 0

      Sorry man, we don’t know everyone, is that your real name?When some of us hear that name, we think Grateful Dead.

      You appear to be pretty cool.

      Stand, for the things you are right
      It’s the truth that truth makes them so uptight.

      Yeah, copy paste, bet they’re to White-Bread to know who’s words.

  30. 0

    WHY ARE YOU CONCERNED WITH PEOPLE YOU BELIEVE TO BE NOTHING. Only someone who would worry would spend so much time pushing propaganda. Malware? Really believe no one fact checks you?
    Your BS.
    Seems we probably spend more time in court than you.

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