51 thoughts on “2018 HARRY GULKIN WINNER”

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    Far Out!
    If any of us ever need a criminal lawyer, we’d hire him. Someone you can trust and count on.

    That’s one attorney we can’t remember ever seeing anything negative about here.

    Johnny, run for PD.

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    I can’t think of anybody that deserves to be awarded more. A fine person and a fine lawyer.
    If Johnny decides to run for PD he’s got my support. He’d make a big difference in the quality of representation the office has to offer and cut right through the BS that goes on now.

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    … sent via FedEx today to Tallahassee! I enjoyed including the “loans from lawyers”.

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      I’m your Pappy Izzy. Stick with me and together we’ll get through this thing. I’ve got experience dealing with adversity.

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      It’s the crooked JNC. Broward is a Democratic county ruled by Republican patronage Trump/Scott babies. Bring it on. Return balance to Broward.

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        This is a frequent issue brought here. But is it fact that Governor Scott only gives appointments to Republican people?

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        Its the crooked Democrats..
        Here’s the typical angle they use to manipulate our black members of society.

        Jamaica does not have these Marxist, and hence, Jamaicans hit the ground running. Likey, Mc Cray has some Caribbean in him, or, is bred here in the states, had the church ladies keeping him in line.

        Stop the Dem’s divisiveness.
        Avoid the GOP too.

        Go Trump

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    The rats nest of Broward judges are wetting their pants hoping they’re not filed against. The word is out several more are going to have to convince voters they should stay at the public trough as they get competition for what they consider to be their spots at the trough.

    With Aturd on his way to getting trashed the look on a few of their faces every morning in court shows a desperation that’s pretty amusing. They are bending over backwards to show everybody how nice they can be, no different than seen before when they’ve got their hands out for contributions and support to keep pumping for public slag.

    You gotta feel sorry for some of these losers because you gotta know a few of them are going to have to get a real job after they get bumped off the bench.
    Remember Dijols when he got popped ? It’s the same look of indignation and disbelief at having it snatched away. Couldn’t have happened to a bigger arrogant taco.

    It’s heating up for sure. With Robinson’s resignation things are taking on a different twist on the campaign trail. Count on court schedules getting real lax as these pimps spend more and more time off the bench while they’re out begging to keep their jobs.

    It’s too early for the contestants to start throwing mud yet but attitudes are running high already.

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      You’ve got that right. The look in the eyes says it all. Judges are all looking over their shoulders with the look of panic on their faces. But they’ve got all their buddies that get court appointed cases approaching everybody for campaign contributions.

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        I haven’t had lunch with that Diaz since I got screwed last time I ran. I’m completely independent from any and all outside influences and I’m running on my qualifications alone.

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      Holmes can only think of herself and has shown that over the years. All she ever did was try to protect corrupt politicians like Jenne and Gardiner. Very disappointed in her actions. She’s been permanently sticky and has done nothing to help diversify the bench or bring honor to it.

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        I’m going to miss Holmes in court. It’s always a show. I guess I’ll have to catch up with her at the Sunrise Flea Market. Her gig there is even funnier.

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    Maybe because he knows the law better than the endless parade of newbie jurists x’ing off the days on the calendar until they can abandon the kids and go to a slack division.

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    Whoever runs Run should campaign against the old PD WAY. Since 2014 the PD administration has created an inefficient, toxic culture where demeaning, insulting lawyers is the PD Office way.
    This scapegoating, bullying behavior is then followed with some congratulatory back slapping, and rewards for the supervisors/chiefs. It’s laughable because so few of those hurling the disparaging insults have a clue on how to actually be a lawyer. They couldn’t go in court and motion for crap. But they can send stupid e mails and give incorrect legal advice.
    If you want proof look at the lawyers that jumped off the sinking ship in the last couple of years. Show voters and the defense bar (so they’ll campaign for you and give you money) you won’t continue the current entrenched cycle.
    Don’t phone in a campaign. RUN TO WIN! The office needs it. I walk around and wonder how anyone still works here. Whether I stay or go; change is needed.

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      Narcissistic personality disorder is at the root of the petty ego driven way the office is being conducted.
      Top admin don’t know what they are doing. Fear has diminished the quality of representation within the rank and file trying cases.
      The sooner the change in admin the better. None of them can go into a courtroom for fear of being exposed for what they are.

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        We need more Constitutional minded.
        A “feeling”, is not The law.

        How many PD’s filed a JQC complaint ?

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        For exploratory reasoning,
        our political think tank is searching for a focus group in testing in how a Debbie Wasserman – Teresa Williams POTUS would be perceived by the public at large regarding a Wasserman – Williams Presidential Ticket for 2020.

        Please make suggestions as to how this power house combination can encourage transparencies in the 17th., and the world.
        Thank you in advance

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