The following individulas will be considered to replace Ed Merrigan and Joe Murphy on the county court:

1. David Barkey; 2. Michael Berstein; 3. Mari Blumstein; 4. Monique Brochu;
5. Haccord J. Curry, Jr.;  6. Kal Le Var Evans; 7. Phoebee Rebecca Francois;
8. Keathan Frink; 9. Donald Gelin; 10. Douglas Harrison; 11. Susan Odzer Hugentugler;
12. Jose Hurtado; 13. Doreen Inkeles; 14. Daniel Kanner; 15. Ernest Kollra;
16. Phyllis Williams Kotey; 17. Charlie B. Levy; 18. Samuel D. Lopez;
19. Chris A. Narducci; 20. Rhoda Nelson; 21. Andrew Newman; 22. Stefanie Moon;
23. Thomas Oates; 24. Vicki Plant; 25. Michele McCaul Ricca; 26. Mark Rickard;
27. Abbe S. Rifkin; 28. Derrick Roberts; 29. Rosa Romero; 30. Jason Allen Rosner;
31. James K. Rubin; 32. Richard A. Sachs; 33. Maxine Streeter;
34. Natalie Knight-Tai; 35. Gerard Williams; 36. Stephen J. Zaccor.

The applicants will be notified by May 23, 2014 if they are being interviewed.  Interviews will be held at the Broward County Bar Association, 1051 SE 3rd Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 on May 30, 2014 beginning at 10:00 a.m.  Interviews are open to the public.     



Judges are held to stricter ethical standards than lawyers
because more rectitude is expected of them”

Kerry Evander

Six and a half reasons why KeysInfoNet is missing the point …

Coming Soon – Calling on Weinstein, Scherer, and the Sun Sentinel to weigh in for judicial diversity before the JNC makes the cut; JEAC or JQC? – is Canon 2A(b) violated by challenged judges who suddenly find time to swear-in jury pools? (“A judge shall not lend the prestige of judicial office to advance the private interests of the judge … “); Politics, the Supreme Court, and the Gardiner decision …

23 thoughts on “36 APPLICANTS FOR COUNTY 2X”

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    Rifkin has made it up to Tally numerous times. Pole put in multiple times before he got the nod…go Abbe!!

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    Kanner and Plant….just watch. Kanner has much experience in county and is a republican, good guy,good lawyer and his wife knows the Governor and she works in Tally. Plant because she is a general magistrate and the governor always pick magistrates for county positions. I’ll bet money on it. I personally would be happy with both. They are both awesome.

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    PLEASE not Kotey.

    I had the displeasure of appearing before her in Gville.

    Just so full of that nasty attitude – acting like she’s trying to impress with all her ‘look how powerful I am as a judge’. Broward has enough of those already.

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    Um, hard to decide if penis size and alcohol tolerance levels aren’t posted. Please advise.

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    Who the heck is Berstein? Out of Jacksonville? Never practiced in state court only federal. Name does not come up on Florida Bar site? Strange candidate

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    Kotex quit a judgeship and wants another chance now?

    Hubris be thy name!

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