36 DOWN TO 20

On May 30th the JNC will interview the following twenty individuals for consideration to replace both Joe Murphy and Ed Merrigan on the county court.  Interviews will be held at the Broward Bar Association, and are open to the public:

Michael Bernstein, Mari Blumstein, Monique Brochu, Kal Le Var Evans, Keathan Frink, Donald Gelin, Douglas Harrison, Susan Odzer Hugentugler, Dan Kanner, Phyllis Williams Kotey, Charlie Levy, Chris Narducci, Stefanie Moon, Thomas Oates, Vicki Plant, Michele Ricca, Abbe Rifkin, Richard Sachs, Maxine Streeter, Stephen Zaccor.
Coming Sooner Than Expected, And Why – Joe Murphy’s retirement …

8 thoughts on “36 DOWN TO 20”

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    I hope Kotex gets it and goes to criminal so I can watch her self destruct. Broward isn’t what Ms Nasty is used to.

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    GOOD LUCK Vicki Plant and Chris Narducci.

    If I had to appear before Mari Blumstein on the bench, I’d admit guilt and skip the plea colloquy. She’s worse than Fran Dresher (The Nanny)

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    No!! not Kotex – you have no idea how awful it will be for BOTH sides.

    She left a judgeship and had to move to another part of the state …. a bad demeanor on the bench.

    Broward can do better.

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    Are you kidding Vicki Plant one of the best known whores of the court? I watched her in action several times as a GAL and the lies this women testified to would make you vomit. I remember when she was on Donna’s case and she tried to convince the son to lie in court and wouldn’t let him testify until he agreed to say what she wanted. Lo and behold when the boy got into court he was smart enough to tell the truth and the judge had to TSK TSK Vicki Plant for making up a false representation in court. She is also written up as one of the worse all time GALS in a book that was published. Imagine that as a women she thought it best that 3 girls be given full custody to a father, who abused them. But that is so typical of Broward and the greedy money hungry creeps they are. Vicki Plant just another “player” in the system. My guess is the reason she has become a judge and is trying again is because many judges and lawyers owed her, as she could be counted on to give a report to sway child custody to the highest bidder, or more influential lawyers. Yet, this women was never able to make it as a bon-a-fide lawyer, what does that say about her? She is in the same category as Jeff Weissman these are people who protect and promote pedophiles. It can’t be a coincidence that more and more judges around the country are being exposed as either being pedophiles or protecting pedophiles, and Vicki and Jeff Weissman rise to the top of that list in Broward county. So lawyers if your case involves a child keep them away from these two people, they will be appearing on the news one day for their misdeeds. The children they harmed are now adults and speaking up. It wouldn’t surprise me that Broward county Court uncovers the same sex scandal as the church. Lets see who is on that list, Jeff Weissman, Vicki Plant, Richard Eade, Charles Greene, Judge Korda, Renee Goldberg, Ron Rothschild. We are waiting for the survey on lawyers and judges don’t you think this should be a part of the decision making process for the JNC. And if it isn’t what does that say about the JNC members?

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