32 thoughts on “91 DAYS FOR ADLER”

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    so why did gardiner getbasically zippo and not even get arrested for the crimes she committed against defendants before her–oh yeah–because the bar refused to accept–dismissed and ignored complaints without prosecution.

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    I cannot express the shock and dismay I am feeling as a result of the Bar’s or Stormtrooper’s decision to impose a 91-day suspension for Russell. The same group of fascists that let Moldoff skate, having more than sufficient evidence to sustain a finding of Moldoff’s attempts to tamper with a Homicide witness for the State by virtue of depositing funds into a designated account……For those of you who may not grasp the inport of the 91 days…….If an attorney has a suspension imposed for more than 90 days, that particular attorney CANNOT be readmitted without a showing of ‘rehabilitation.” This, of course, is on a highly subjective standard and it essentially puts Adler’s prospective reinstatement in great peril, based, if nothing else, on the unknown. Oh, now I get it……Moldoff was a member of the good old boy network where complete assholes like Chuck Morton came in to ttestify as to Moldoffs’ ‘intent.” Somebody out there tell me how does one individual testify as to the intent of another individual? Despite the seriousness of the allegations against Moldoff, the special prosecutor assigned out of Dade County advised that they went easy based on their expectation that the Bar would respond accordingly. Take one shot at what the Bar’s explanation was for not taking Moldoff down or at very least, not imposing a 91-day suspension, where DISBARMENT was the appropriate remedy….Yup, you guessed it….. The Bar publicly acknowledged that they went easy because of THEIR expectation that the Dade prosecutor was going to impose the appropriate punishment! This Keystone cop scenario is very telling of the big picture as to the level of corruption that our lovely Florida Bar is so notoriously known for! Russell is an outstanding guy and lawyer, who, after all the microscopic scrutiny and analysis in light of his close involvment with Rothstein, all the Bar could come up with was some misrepresentation on an app for a condo in the Big Apple? This type of violation would normally warrant a slap on the wrist in light of the lack of any victim or actual harm to anyone! This was furthermore, beyond the 30-day suspension reccomendation made by the referree, whose recomendations are, more often than not, adopted by the Florida Supreme Court. Another interesting footnote is that Florida Supreme Court Judge Jorge LaBarga, whose one of the majority opinion is the very same ASSHOLE who, on the record, spoke of his vindictive nature as to Attorney Gary Kollin, who LaBarga expressed much hostility toward and a clear intent to f*** him up if he ever in the future appeared before him, based on some verbal jousting that had occured between the two of them. I would add more to futher enlighten the reader to even more twisted and perverse examples of the LAME practices and findings compliments of our Third Reich backed Florida Bar if the limitations on comments permitted it.

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    The whole bunch of lawyers in Broward are corrupt. This explains the judges. They should only appoint folks from North Florida

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    There is no honor among thief’s.
    Everyone following bad examples leads to fallen house of cards. 99% bad apples 1% good. No good leadership, but the whistle blowers. Everyone is helping them self’s and F the people.

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    Lie cheat weasel licensed lawyers get 3 month suspension.
    Unlicensed Negro gets FSP for smoking crack.

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    It’s simple–THIS is WHY we have the 2nd amendment–it’s time it was exercised instead of prosecuting it. the prosecutors need to be in fear, not we of them. Baddsa bing, badda boom badda bang, bang, bang, bang, bang! Problem resolved.

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    If you want to hire an attorney who will do nothing but take your money, then hire Ed Hoag. He takes so many cases for the state that if you are actually a paying customer he will be too busy for your case. I hired him two years and 8 months ago before firing him because he had literally done nothing during that time. No depositions, no investigations etc. When I hired another attorney they could not believe that no work was done on the case. He told the new attorney that he was happy to get rid of the case, because I kept calling him for updates. He has no secretary or assistant to help him with anything which is why he is so overloaded. The state pays him to take cases and he doesn’t care if he wins or not. So if you take 100 cases for the state a year I guess you make $100000, which is more than what he is worth. He’s a dried up ex public defender. He is a disgrace to his profession.

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    Geez, I thought we got rid of this psycho-hack once and for all. Didn’t she study under Sigmund Freud?

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    Because they would be forced to open a can of worms that only starts with Broward’s infamous bench and extends to high level local law enforcement, prominent political figures, high powered , local businessmen with enormous influence and power and let’s not overlook the Neo-Nazi , fascist and enormously corrupt Bar itself!! If they cleaned it all up, there would be nothing left!! THAT IS WHY THE WORTHLESS BAR is afraid of its own shadow,!

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    I have learned good values and this is what I have obtained from this Course at large. In to the course, I have developed a positive attitude in myself that has helped me move forward in life. Today I am successful, but, the Course has also thought to help and support others to bring them up, as Roy McDonald has done for us. He is a great person. He has dedicated his life for this purpose.

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    If u ask me, Broward Judges would rate the lowest in the state! And I’m not just talking aboout the ones that come to work drunk either.

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