” … a one-county problem.”

SS: Broward-led spike in prison population requires look at non-violent drug crimes

” … Senate President Don Gaetz, R-Niceville, had another explanation (for the prison spike) Broward County.

With a new sheriff and judges, the lawmaker said it appeared the crackdown was driving up the statewide increase.

According to state economists, Broward led the state increase in new prison commitments in the 2012-13 fiscal year, with new commitments increasing from 1,684 prisoners to 2,182, a 29.6 percent spike.

That trend was continuing in the 2013-14 fiscal year, with Broward leading the state in the number of new prisoners it produced.

“The problem is Broward County,” Gaetz said. “It’s not a statewide problem. It looks like it’s a one-county problem.” 

What do you think is the problem?  The judges?  The Sheriff & SAO?  Or the PD/Defense Bar?

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18 thoughts on “” … a one-county problem.””

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    No credibility with that comment. Judge Pole is in County. He doesn’t sentence defendants to prison.

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    Don’t want to upset anyone at this bad time but Judge Usan is the new Judge Stanton Kaplan.

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    Why would that upset anyone? Stanton Kaplan was the best. State was happy with him and so were the good, skilled defense lawyers like Moldof (this year’s Gulkin winner), Barbara Heyer, Mike Dutko, Pat Rastatter, and many others.

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    Have you ever watched Gelin in court?

    Hard for him to rally against Broward’s jail pop. when he is partly responsible for the 30% increase!

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    Hey 9:14, can you please tell me why this Rastatter fellow insists on wearing the SAME effin outfit to court EVERY day?

    I mean, come on! The same khaki pants blue shirt thing … Ok, but EVERY day?!

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    Those excellent lawyers may have been happy handling big cases before Kaplan but he was mowing down the apd’s every day for decades. So many went to prison for non-violent offenses. It was horrible.

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    is the jail cap.

    Judges are exhorted to “get these people off to prison.” To not violate the consent decree.

    Thus where a county sentence would suffice in other places on a vop, it won’t happen here.

    Withhold and 1 day is another tool other counties use to get people out of the system. Also they don’t file so many low number pill or residue cases. But since that’s within the SAO’s discretion that won’t be changing so fast around here.

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    M. Satz is a tool & a drain on this county.

    Sure, he goes around his office acting like a nice, compassionate guy to his employees – and they mistakenly thing he’s a good thing for the county.

    WAKE UP! Satz’ policies are what made Broward the “pill capital” of the eastern US. AND, they make Broward the #1 prisoner-maker in the State

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    Only a 29.6 percent spike? BACDL ought to set up a happy hour toot sweet to figure out how to get the numbers up. We’re not making nearly enough money off the moolies!!!

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    Michael J. Satz & his office is responsible for the increase. In almost all cases where there is no likelihood of a conviction, SAO will consistently file charges hoping that if you scare defendants with the “get tough” sentencing guidelines, most will plea out to avoid a harsh punishment. Than SAO will hide under & blame state laws which they insist they are only carrying out. The end result is filling up state prisons up with mostly non-violent drug offenders from Broward County. Of course you will never hear directly from or see Mike Satz for he suffers from intense social anxiety (more like social awkwardness if you ask me). Everything is always either no comment/can’t comment or let’s have our tool Ron Ishoy give another crappy & vague news release. This is probably the only issue I have ever agreed with Don Gaetz on.

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