Evan Hoffman writes:

Imagine not being able to go to Thanksgiving dinner with your family because your judge won’t set a hearing on an agreed motion. That’s what is happening to my client.

I have a client who recently resolved his cases and is currently on house arrest. He lives in Broward county and wants to attend Thanksgiving with his family in Broward. (That’s right he is not leaving the county).

His cc officer told him to get a court order to have permission to leave his house. I filed a motion, got the State to agree, and was told that the judge was out Wednesday and there was no room on the docket Tuesday. (That’s right no time for an agreed motion just to have the judge sign the order).

My office asked the ja who is covering her calendar and the ja said she would call my office back to tell us. Lo and behold the ja never called back so we called her. Her response was that she deleted the email of who the duty judge is. So I had to call around and find out the duty judge. Now because the ja wouldn’t set a 5 second agreed hearing I’m at the mercy of the duty judge to sign the agreed order.

Of course it would be nice if the ja of the assigned judge would let us email the stipulated order or let us fax it in but apparently that’s not permitted.

Now I have to tell my client’s family that Judge McCarthy did not have room on her calendar to set an agreed 5 second hearing or permit us to fax or email the paperwork.

Here’s hoping that the duty judge finds it within themselves to understand my frustration and sign the order.

What happened to open access to the court?

Happy Thanksgiving to you all and hopefully my client will spend his Thanksgiving with his family as well.

Evan Hoffman

(Post a comment if you’ve also had trouble getting things on McCarthy’s docket.  We’re told Evan’s not alone this Holiday Season …)

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    This is such an outrageous situation! It shows the black heart and inabiliy to empathize with other people that epitomizes the McCarthy reign in criminal court. She is mean-spirited and constantly insulting to attorneys, defendants, and court deputies. She should not be a judge and she definitely should not be making decisions that require understanding and compassion. Peter, please get her out of criminal before she harms anyone else through her callous disregard for the plight of others.

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    I don’t feel sorry for you or your client. I have not seen or spoken to my daughter in 7 yrs. All because I called my ex a jerk and a ass hole for visitation harrasment. She filed a RO and Judge Aramony asked her how long would you like the RO. My ex said a lifetime and that is where it stands. No date to be revisited and such, and after being being switched to a 3rd judge I just said screw this..My physical and mental health began to suffer..To those of you that do not believe this, it is very real.There was never any threats of harm or violence made towards anyone. Happy Holidays to you all…….peace

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    This is what the blog should be about. Uncovering outrageous behavior of judges. Not to bash them just because you have a personal issue with them. Not to speculate about things you think they are doing. But instead to let others know and to let the judge know that their actions or lack of are unconscionable.

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    there is a feeling of “uberism” in the air of the courthouse. another example is the wife of judge lynch.

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    by the end of this year a rogue asa will be executed for his abuse of prosecutorial power that hurt my kids and ruined my life. his kids will be spared but he has too much power to be left to his sma mnded sick deceptions to get convictions and further his career. he will be accompanied by current and former judges who abused their judicial power to destroy good lives and decent people. MIKE SATZ goes first.

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    I’ve had somewhat limited experience with McCarthy, but she reminds me of the same unreasonable and unprofessional behavior that Aleman used to exhibit.
    I was also most unimpressed with her knowledge of the law and felt she had a bad attitude.
    I’d rate her a 2 of 10 as another crackpot broward judge that’s more impressed and interested in herself than she is in doing her job properly. Good luck, Evan.

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    Let’s overlook the blatant and unconscionable practices of that freakin lunatic of a ‘ judge’ B.M. who I would venture to say has NEVER granted a Motion to Supress , never mind completely disregard Hoffman’s client’s plight! If it were my client, I would not hesitate to openly advise him to go to his family Thanksgiving dinner with the expectation that I would face the music with him should it become an issue as a result of an ankle monitor. I would take my chances should his supervision be more loosely monitored feeling pretty damn comfortable going public in the lunatuic’s den of Inequity aka Courtroom. What more perfect opportunity exists to expose B.M. for her twisted and perverse ways then a violation hearing because the bowel movement of a jurist is out of her freakin mind! UNFIT as the day is long, B.M. is a certifiable moron who knows not what she does! I have witnessed this TURD fill in the blanks for a C, I, under cross by volunteering to explain his intent while testfying and reminding him of certain law enforecement associates, whose names the prick blanked out on. Any criminal litigator who knows her ass from her velbow will tell you of B.M.’s total disregard for the Constitution and her blatant partiality toward every asshole with a shield and firearm…….If I didn.t know any better, I would think that B.M. is delusionary and still receiving renumeration from the State Attorney’s office. Kinda like the worlds biggest ASSHOLE WAR CRIMINAL DICK (HEAD) CHENEY WHO RECEIVES “DEFERRED COMPENSATION’ from Haliburton, who is notorious for overcharging the Pentagon billions for tiolet seats! BM is full of just that but when you consider all of the SHIT flying around Broward in its political and juducial corruptness, she is just another TURD, swirling around the toilet bowl of life, hanging on for dear life to edge of the bowl,,,,,,,,,,whatryagonna do?

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    The JA simply mirrors the personality of the judge. I tried a batt LEO before that judge where the prosecution was seeking 18 months confinement. The Court was so disappointed in my Not Guilty Verdict, that twice while my female client was crying softly out of relief for the outcome, the court ordered her to stop crying in a tone which bespoke of contempt if she did not stop crying.

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    My dad use to say that judges are either brilliant or clueless. There’s no middle ground. It’s one or the other.

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    I wanted to give a post script on a positive note. I was pleasantly surprised that Judge Rothschild offered to sign the order this morning, I received calls from 2 other judges offering help. So thank you to all those that made it possible for my client to spend Thanksgiving with his family when it looked like all hope was indeed lost. Happy Thanksgiving

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    Judge Rothschild has had an excellent mentor to learn from, his father was an absolute pleasure to appear before. As for Judge McCarthy, she is more concerned with a quiet courtroom and the address of the defendant than actually performing her job in a proper manner. Problem is, where can you put her, no division wants her.

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    It’s getting quite tiring to read all of these defense attorneys complain about other people when they are at the root of the problem. If Hoffman would have filed the motion timely this wouldnt have happened. Defense attorneys are lazy, wait until the last minute, do a half *ss job and then blame everyone else. We are all adults and as adults we should take responsibility for our own actions. Those who manage this blog should put a more effort and time in defending their clients then sitting on a computer complaining all day. I know that if I ever got in trouble I would definitely not hire any of the blog’s attorneys.

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    Evan messed this thing up and then whined about it. He comes in the day before Thanksgiving and expects the courthouse to stop for his late motion? If he had just plead this out with Thanksgiving approaching, why didn’t he see this issue coming and handle it for his client then, instead of neglecting his client and then crying foul later. If he spent as much time completing his cases as he does whining on blogs during working hours, maybe his clients would be happier. Nice move Evan Almighty!

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    A good Judge lets you call Chambers or pop into court and get permission to set a hearing QUICKLY with proper notice to the State.

    If the brain pan isn’t deep or full enough to process what a bond reduction request is or a request to lift a Capias or terminate probation without filing a mountain of boilerplate paperwork first for Judicial review before permission to set a hearing is granted THEN GET A NEW JOB.

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    I’ve always noticed the JA’s personality mirrors the judge. The best judges have the best JAs and the worst, the worst.

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    I’ve notice that…like anything in life…if you are unprofessional and rude to the JA’s, you’ll get the same in return. If you act like a pleasant, reasonable professional, they will usually bend over backwards to help. Hmmm….I wonder which category Evan Hoffman falls into? Judging from his unprofessional mathod of resolving his cases outside the courtroom, he falls under the former idiot category!

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    Some idiot. Now because of his courage to go public a notoriously inept office has been sidestepped. Most other lawyers would shrug their shoulders and blame the Judge to the client. Not Mr. Hoffman. Another Judge has stepped in to fix the wrong. Mr. Hoffman has gotten his client results. A bloody Thanksgiving miracle. Mr. Hoffman is to be commended. More should follow his example.

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    Again I would like to thank Judge Rothschild and the other Judges who called my office, left me a message and gave me their personal numbers in an effort to remedy the situation. Its a little disheartening to read the assumptions made about me. Last time I checked nobody knows when my clients family’s made the request. Just assumptions about the timing. Not that I have to defend myself but the motion was sent in timely. The basic message I wanted to convey was that there was no access to deal with a stipulated motion. Amazing that other Judges (not the assigned Judge) offered access and offered help, which was the only thing I was asking from the Judge assigned to the case. Believe it or not there are excellent Judges in Broward as I personally witnesses today with their signs of professionalism and compassion. My clients are very thankful that I didn’t give up and just take “no” for an answer. Again I can’t believe the response from the Judiciary and can only say “thank you” and Happy Thanksgiving.

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    Well here’s an idea, maybe this idiot should have thought of missing turkey with his family when he got himself arrested? I think we should just let every one out of jail to go visit Santa in the next couple weeks.

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    ….what a joke. First the judiciary is Darth Vader and now they are wonderful because they bailed you out. Courgae is working hard for your client BEFORE they almost get screwed. Mopping up your own mess is just a hazard of being a ham & egger like Hoffman. Safe it pal.

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    Was this person thinking of holidays with his family when he got arrested? If the family wants to have dinner with him why don’t they come to his house? I guess this is the price you pay when you break the law? Why don’t you post his crime and we will see how much we should pity him.

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    It’s an AGREED Order everyone. No need to argue about whether it should be granted or when the Motion should have been filed. If the Judge didn’t want to sign it just tell the lawyer “no.” But, denying access to Court is completely unacceptable.

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    Is this fellow colored or white? More information is required before jumping to conclusions whether this man was denied access to court.

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    Evan Hoffman,Assquire

    Welcome to the Broward County 17 1/2 Judicial Circuit Courts, come one come all file your motions, adjourn cases, why you can even settle your tobacco lung cancer cases right here in the comfort of your mothers basement wearing your underwear. What a dick sack no offense Richard, (sorry to hear you were didn’t get appointed) Hoffman you should refund your clients money, just have them donate it to jaablog.

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    Do not blame the JA, you can speak with McCarthy’s former JA’s for the real scoop on how they are treated.

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    An interesting read in the just released Florida Law Weekly Supplement. Judge Bryson improperly refused to allow the defense to present full cross-examination of field sobriety exercises. Pretty scary stuff. See Lynch v. State, 20 Fla. L. Weekly Supp. 1141.

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    Lucky for Evan this agreed order wasn’t from a Lerner Wren case.

    Once, when I had to get another judge to sign an AGREED order to get a guy out of jail because Ginger was out of the office, she got all mad when she found out later. She started acting like a bully and even said on the record that “being in jail by mistake is not an emergency”. I’ve used this to recuse her since then.

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    Bill please do a Sunshine Request of various JA’s emails. You will find that 85% do not respond to emails.

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    Mr. Hoffman:
    You mention in your 5:41 pm post that the request was timely made and the motion timely filed. So…when was the request made? When was it filed?
    Just askin’.

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    I thought McCarthy got a new (and much more efficient) J.A. Am I wrong? I had problems even getting her previous J.A. to return my calls or even answer the telephone but not the new one.

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    Yawn. So a judge refuses to make time to sign an agreed order for a holiday visit. She probably didn’t have 15-30 deconds to spare. Non-story.
    Lets get back to bashing the two reasonable, efficient, accomodating judges in the previous article who *gasp* have the gall to teach a class on their own time before court and still manage to run efficient dockets, give timely hearings and display proper judicial temperment. It was more fun attacking them for doing something that appears to be allowed and calling them lazy. You should move to recuse those two so you can have McCarthy or Rosenthal as your judge.

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    I predict alot of cocounseling being done by Hoffman in front of McCarthy. Pure genius – automatic recusal.

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    Ssssh. All the typing of comments is making a small noise. Judge McCarthy can’t do her job if a cricket is quietly chirping or if she’s not the center of attention at all times. Everyone must not talk especially to the prosecutors even if it means having to spend two hours in her courtroom and setting all the other Judges behind schedule waiting on lawyers because nothing can ever get accomplished in McCarthy Land. Don’t think about an open plea either. That requires a Judge that can process information quickly and be decisive. Set a hearing six days from now so what if BSO eats another 1000 dollars in jail costs for a defendant who is getting out anyway.

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    This is the norm in Broward criminal were judges share a fax machine and act like sending a motion to them via email is a criminal offense. Blaming McCarthy for this is focusing on a tree when a whole forest is around her doing the se thing all the time.

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    and to think–ana gardiner wouldn’t even correct and illegal sentence just because the statute and all the case law required it because scott raft lied about the law and told her I was “simply wrong” when I quoted the statute and the specific opinions of 4DCA, other DCA& Fl S. CT justices because she is a criminal as is raft. the 4th declared that all those reasons including one’s own specific wording the S. Ct adopted “did not present any reasonable grounds to reverse.” sounds like you client got off easy.

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    My former retired English teacher’s brother’s sister’s girlfriend’s mother’s first cousin was a JA. It was no big deal.

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    Does anybody wonder why people shoot judges and lawyers–are you all THA separated from reality? WE don’t like what you do and the criminal activities you commit against “We the People” and your clients/litigants respectively. It isn’t “going postal,” it’s going legal!! 14th amendment–once you give it–the victims are entitled to return the investment. That is what really NEEDS to happen to cause change–you all have to pay a price because it’s not your stupidity and ignorance–it’s your arrogance and hubris that you all are above it.

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    U.S. District Court Judges do not recluse themselves. The RETALIATE!

    Just look at Broward U.S. District Court Judge James I. Cohn who brags Non-Jews destroyed his childhood, who has hateful Jewish Names for Non-Jews, and who is REQUIRED by his religion to fix cases for “Jewish Brothers” when one party is a Non-Jew, while Judge Cohn is an actual party in the case.

    Never believe there is a Constitution or Basic Human Rights in Florida.

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    to the idiot who wrote the comments about judge cohn wasnt he the judge who gave the jewish avenger more time than the state asked for, I guess the fix was in, we are all blessed to have him on the bench….

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    Disgusted is an idiot.

    If he had spent a mere 5 minutes to research he would know that Rothstein was a Jew in a case against a Non-Jew.

    He would also know that Rothstein wasn’t a “Practicing Jew” that donated over 150 Million Dollars to Jewish Charities, nor did Rothstein spend over 80 million dollars to “Enhance” the lives of Federal Judges like Micky Arison, and his Carnival Cruise Lines did.

    Disgusted needs to learn to read and research a little before he runs his mouth about something he knows NOTHING about.

    Judge James I. Cohn is a racist idiot that hates Non-Jews. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t also burn Jews that don’t donate millions to Jewish Charities.

    It does mean that dishonest Judge Cohn DOES fix cases, as his religion requires him to do, when one party is a Jew, and the other party in a case is a Non-Jew.

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    Judge James I. Cohn allows the thief of evidence by attorneys when the victim is Pro Se without an attorney, Judge Cohn encourages Perjury by Attorneys, Judge Cohn HATE the United States Constitution, and he mocks the authority of the United States Supreme Court.

    If James I. Cohn didn’t have strong political connections, and wasn’t a fix-it judge for Carnival Cruise Lines he would be in prison for the Misprision of Felonies.

    He’s a crook.

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    According to Mr. Hoffman, the sitting judge is guilty of dereliction of duty. I know two judges who have been a constant blight to Broward’s Judiciary. They are the Honorable Judge Michael Robinson and Kenneth Gillespie. They collude together because two heads are certainly better than one. They are still persecuting parents who openly defy them in court. Kenneth Gillespie and Michael Robinson are tools, relics, and they are good for Broward only in the fact that they meet Judge Weinstein’s diversity quota. Individuals who go before them will find that justice in their court room is tantamount to their asses being as good as roadkill. Individuals who face Gillespie and Robinson should not hope for any fairness. Gillespie and Robinson epitomize slothfulness. Broward should challenge their right to bench for Robinson does not know how to instruct a jury and fumbles important cases and screws with the trajectory of people’s lives. Gillespie is hazardous to families. He operates like someone who wishes he was in another division. He is easily exasperated with family court proceedings. He makes errors that a first year judge wouldn’t because he is burnt out. I guess we must raise our glasses for affirmative action for it certainly affirms that idiots can judiciously discern cases even though they are not good at it.

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    Did you know that self-appointed judge maker Bill Scherer is supporting your opponent Kasen? Maybe you could see to it that his Lizzie gets an opponent so he won’t have the time or inclination to butt into other judicial races?

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    Jack Thompson here. The best criminal defense lawyer in South Florida was Richard Sharpstein. Not even close as to anyone else. He was found dead in his Miami Beach condo this morning. You can read about the unfolding story on-line now.

    He was in the midst of a divorce, and it might have been suicide. He was the best, in every sense as a man, lawyer, friend. Horrible news.

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    John B. Thompson, J.D., M.A.
    5721 Riviera Drive
    Coral Gables, Florida 33146

    December 12, 2013

    Raymond A. Martinez
    Chief of Police
    Miami Beach Police Department
    1100 Washington Avenue
    Miami Beach, Florida 33139 Via Mail and Fax to (305) 673-7065

    Dr. Bruce A. Hyma
    Chief Medical Examiner
    1851 NW 10th Ave.
    Miami, FL 33136

    Re: Public Records Request Re Richard A. Sharpstein, Deceased

    Dear Chief Martinez and Dr. Hyma:

    Pursuant to Florida’s Public Records Law, Florida Statutes Chapter 119, please provide me with copies of all records in your respective custodies pertaining to the death and the investigation of the death of my friend, Richard A. Sharpstein.

    Thank you.

    Regards, Jack Thompson

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    You have to hand it to geniuses who run The Florida Bar. They have managed to run a web site even more incompetently than HealthCare.gov! How so?

    It has been nearly a week since famed Miami criminal defense attorney Richard Sharpstein died. Yet The Florida Bar lists him, in it up-to-date public information web site as “Eligible” to practice law and fully alive!

    See http://www.floridabar.org/names.nsf/0/2D9D9D7AC4CB198285256A83004B41B9?OpenDocument

    “Richard A Sharpstein

    Member in Good Standing Eligible to practice in Florida”

    Richard, having the best sense of humor in the world, would love the irony of any organization that utilizes mechanisms identical to those of the long-dead 16th Century Star Chamber of England not knowing that both it and he are dead, but both are still alive and well according to The Bar.

    The reality is that the warmest rooms in Hell are reserved presently for The Bar’s Ken Marvin, Jack Harkness, Tony Boggs, John Berry, and, of course for all past and current Bar Presidents who will prove useful to Satan in keeping the minions of lawyers in Hell compliant with all Hades trust account regulations while at the same time the demons sing Hosannas to the likes of Eugene Pettis.

    Blessings on you all, save all Bar personnel, Jack Thompson

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    What a sad sight to see Judge Pollack appear to be drunk and disorderly in her Courtroom today. I pray she gets the help she needs. Worse was the fact that her friend Howard Finkelstein was not there for her in her hour of need because he was wasting his time ross bashing to the media regarding a case in the civil divison. Howard, Judge Pollack needs you, set aside your ego and help our friend.

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    This was a disaster waiting to happen. People around the courthouse have seen her spiral for months. It’s too bad her friends like Howard didn’t try to help her.

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    Fruit doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Her father, Paul, had an office right next door to the Bowl Bar in Miami for over 30 years and did quite a bit of drinking himself. Nobody cared back then. Judges loved him. Clients usually referred to him as “Mr. Polock”. Those were the days. Hope Gisele gets herself some help before it’s too late.

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    I blame Judge Weinstein. Everyone knew what was going on. His desire to project a strong judiciary has backfired again. It’s time for a leader.

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    An exciting study in the just launched California Law Every week Complement. Assess Bryson poorly rejected to allow the protection to present full cross-examination of area sobriety workouts. Fairly terrifying things. See Lynch v. State, 20 Fla. L. Every week Supp. 1141.

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