As early voting approaches, everybody’s talking about Rosenthal v. McLawrence.

Will the incumbent prevail, given her traditionally overwhelming advantages, or is an upset in the works, due to the negative publicity following Rosenthal’s handling of the DUI arrest?

Everybody has an opinion, but since it’s politics, no one can say for sure.  Still, some opinions are more informed than others, which is why we sought out Lori Parrish earlier today.  Her two cents are based on decades of winning elections in Broward, as arguably the most successful female politician in the history of the county.

Here’s what Lori had to say, after stating she’s a supporter of McLawrence:

I see it as 50/50.  From everything I can see out there, he’s doing great.  He’s on all the palm cards I’ve seen, and he’s working hard talking to the voters.  People like him.  I think he has a great shot.  Everybody I’ve talked to asking my opinions on the different races already seem to have him bubbled.

Do the negative ECO ads help or hurt Rosenthal?

I don’t know.  I can say I never went negative in my campaigns.  I wonder if certain ethnic groups are being targeted for the mailers.  There are four registered voters at my address.  Three females and one male.  Only the male has a Jewish surname, and he’s the only one who gets them.

Why are you supporting McLawrence?

He’s well-rounded, and he has the perfect personality for what’s needed on the Broward bench.  He’s humble, he’s practiced all sorts of law, and he’s served multiple tours of duty in the Navy.  He seems fair-minded, the most important thing we want from our judges.

So there you have it.  According to one of the experts, McLawrence has a good shot at winning.

It’s going to be an interesting couple of weeks until the election …

4 thoughts on “ASK LORI …”

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    The Judges will determine Rosenthal’s fate. If they tell the condo people Rosenthal is bad news she’s done. If they stick up for her she wins.

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    I don’t think anyone in this county knows politics as well as our property appraiser. An endorsement from her is a huge compliment to Mr. McLawrence.

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    McLawrence serving our country is the kicker for me. Rosenthal never did that. People like McLawrence need everyone’s support.

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    My entire family has voted for Lori for years and I respect her opinion on this election, thank you!

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