Above The Law’s David Lat weighed in on David Audlin’s statements from the Miami Herald earlier today, and he nailed it.  Apparently, there isn’t much gray area, no matter how effective Audlin’s early spin may have been.  A big thank you to ATL, since we now have the night off.  Enjoy!

The following article by David Lat is found here at Above The Law, Copyright © 2014 Breaking Media, Inc.  (Excerpts from Herald omitted):

In January, we brought you word of a Florida state-court judge who posted a sex ad on Manhunt. We covered the news, first broken by JAAblog, since we are fond of stories about sexy judges. But we did not judge. Instead, Staci Zaretsky wrote of Chief Judge David Audlin, “more power to him if [the photos are] real. Everyone needs to get some, even judges.”

Last week, Judge Audlin resigned from the bench, apparently because of L’Affaire Manhunt. With all due respect to the judge, this strikes me as a bad decision….

I’m not sure this is a true “invasion of privacy,” since Audlin had voluntarily injected himself into the public space that is Manhunt. Nobody hacked into his private email account to pull his photos; he maintained a public profile that was viewable by anyone on the site. But anyway….

Audlin did nothing illegal, and nobody was calling for his ouster — which is exactly why he shouldn’t have resigned. Even though he tells the Herald that he’s “not apologizing,” his actions speak louder than his words. He didn’t do anything wrong; why is he leaving the bench?

Instead of stepping down, Audlin should have told his critics to, in essence, suck his gavel. I’m inclined to agree with JAAblog’s view of Audlin as “a quitter who should have stood up and fought for what he believes in.”

His claim of being a privacy martyr is spurious. He posted a request for sex in a public place — to wit, the internet. Audlin’s reference to Manhunt as a “private” website is misleading. It might be privately owned, but profiles are available to anyone who signs up for the service — and pretty much anyone can (and does) sign up. As one JAAblog commenter said:

For a sitting judge not to understand that if you publicly (yes, Virginia, the Internets, as W would say, is/are a public place) advertise for random sex and then, when this public solicitation becomes known to members of the public whom you would like not to know, you claim that your “privacy has been wrongly invaded, then what you raise is serious, reasonable, valid concerns about whether you possess the legal analytical tools to even be on the bench.

In other words, Judge Audlin wasn’t wronged; he was just stupid. As Kashmir Hill noted when covering the Congressman Christopher Lee scandal, you should never include your face in your pics when trolling the web for sex. Here, Audlin should have a non-obvious screen name — instead of “DavidKW,” he could have tried “Gavelbanger” — accompanied by some photos of his body, “face pics available upon request.” That would have greatly reduced (although not eliminated) the likelihood of his being discovered. And it would have made his claim of privacy violation more legitimate, if his photos had been released by a single individual to whom he sent them via private message.

Audlin also seems to be trying to “play the gay card” here, claiming that he was mistreated on account of his sexual orientation.

Sorry, Your Honor, but this wasn’t a gay thing. We write all the time about judges’ sexual misadventures; click on some of the links in Staci’s original post about you for examples. If a sitting judge, gay or straight or bi, goes on the internet and announces his penis size, rest assured that Above the Law will be there.

You know how you should have responded to discovery of your Manhunt profile, Judge Audlin? You should have quoted the wise words of former judge Wade McCree, when he was accused of sending shirtless photos of himself to his bailiff: “Hot dog, yep that’s me. I’ve got no shame in my game.”

There was no shame in David Audlin’s game — until, well, Audlin acted like there was. If he really wanted to take a stand for the privacy rights of public officials, he should have returned to doing the people’s business, ignoring the critics, and staying in office until the bitter end.

Let’s hope that Audlin resigned not in a fit of pique but to pursue another opportunity — namely, so he could follow in the footsteps of many other Florida judges and become a television judge. As it turns out, Fox is looking for a current or former judge for a new reality show.

Please, Judge Audlin, respond to that casting call. Don’t make Fox go on a Manhunt to find you.

David Lat

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30 thoughts on “ATL ON AUDLIN”

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    Seriously? You’re going to take the night off? And, you’re going to rely on the words of David Lat, a Harvard/Yale grad who couldn’t cut it as a lawyer but finds his biggest talent is attacking others?

    You both remind me of Max Mercy, the sports reporter in The Natural. All he lived for was to attack Roy Hobbs, the Robert Redford character. When Hobbs asks him “Did you ever play ball?” Mercy answers “No.” We know then that he’s a loser whose only talent is trying to bring down winners.

    You guys have no idea how Audlin feels. Although Lat might have some idea since he began his career blogging as a woman, so his sexual identity is up in the air. But, to suggest Audlin SHOULD HAVE done this or that is such BS. You guys would probably also tell a client, “if I were you I would take the prison time.” You have no clue. Stick to what you know, and acknowledge your role in forcing a good judge off the bench.

    Truth is, I’m sure he’ll be happier. He had a lapse in judgment and it cost him. But he still got somewhere you or Lat will never get. And Max Mercy can write about Roy Hobbs as much as he wants, but he’ll never play in the pros.

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    I think a Harvard/Yale Law School man would be quite ashamed and possibly stripped of his degrees if he were to accept a State Court judgeship.

    Just saying.

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    I think the problem is one of culture shock. Not the gay versus straight type. Rather small town versus big city. Small town jurists like Audlin are used to being treated with high deference everywhere they go. Pardon the pun, they are big swinging dicks within the confines of whatever burg they patrol. Contrast to places Lat and Gelin patrol, presumably New York City and Broward. Jurists in those places are used to the contact sport of public figuring and all that goes with it. Self – righteous pouting must be kept to a minimum or beware the consequences. Audlin’s ill advised behavior now might very well be the last gasps of an official dying from robe fever, the only disease that kills when it exits the body. For a man that made gutsy rulings like the gay adoption call it is sad to see him like this. He might have taken the advice and fought rather than resign unless things are not done in small town America in such fashion, where there is no place to hide.

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    Funny how he says gays are treated differently and that’s bad; but gays use sites like manhunt all the time and he should be treated differently because of that. Dumb.

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    Just another idiot judge hoisted on his own petard; all six inches of it!
    The only thing that surprises me is that it wasn’t another Broward Judge.
    If money had been exchanged, you could have bet it would have been.

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    If these are the kinds of personal decisions you can expect from a chief judge of any circuit then there is something equally as really rotten about both Audlin’s attempted spin on the situation he put himself in not to mention his original judgment in putting pics of his very sad plea for sexual attention out on the Internet. One can only guess what this guy has on his mind most of the time or for that matter his computer screen. Although this twisted episode gives you a very good clue.
    From drunk judges putting the public at risk to sex addicted robe wearing hypocrites with sex addiction problems. What’s next you may ask.
    I can’t seem to muster much sympathy for these out of control so called public servants when all I can see is the self serving attitude exhibited by them seemingly time after time with litle or no consequences attached to their actions.

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    Audlin and Donald Sterling no one feels sorry about the invasion of privacy?

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    Look on the bright side. Chief Judge Audlin makes Chief Judge Weinstein look like Chief Justice Roberts.

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    I’ll start with the fact that the person posting this here post is Jack Thompson, me. I am not afraid to use my name. But I note, importantly, that “Isn’t David Lat a Woman” chooses to hide his/her identity here and maybe elsewhere. This means that he/she isn’t comfortable with the idea of standing behind his/her opinions. He/she wants to hit and run, with no fingerprints. Pretty easy to hold forth with any nutty idea you want if you don’t tell the world who is expressing the nutty idea.

    One more facet and manifestation of this anonymity cowardice: Judge Audlin didn’t want people, other than in the “gay community” to know who he was either. That’s why he was using a fake name at the hook-up site. Oh, the “gay community” knew who he was, but as to his “dating” practices he was firmly in the closet. Why can I say that with such assurance?

    Because look what happened when the rest of us found out about how he was satisfying his creepy little desires? He quit. If he did nothing wrong, then why would he quit? That is the key question; therein lies the rub. Because if he did nothing wrong, as he claims, but rather others are to blame for “invading my privacy,” then why did he quit? Why would he quit, if he was simply doing a normal, consequence-free, healthy thing?

    I’ll tell you why he quit: Because even this hypocrite knows, and in fact this hypocrite knows better than many of you, that he was continuing to live a double life, and that the anonymous hook-up sex life he was living was wrong and at odds with the Judicial Canons. It’s not even a debatable question. If he were a straight judge caught soliciting sex through such a site for straights, then nobody would even harbor the notion that he was a victim in some way. He would be discounted as a straight creep. But once he’s gay and “wronged,” then he thinks he can play the victim card, even though he knows full well he is only the victim of his outsized sexual appetites.

    Someone once said: “Hypocrisy is the tribute vice pays to virtue.” If you don’t get that, then read it again. If you still don’t get it, then email me at and I’ll explain it to you. But here is the explanation anyway: Even this hypocrite knows that to be a judge and solicit sex by giving his penis size is not virtuous. It is vice. And yet as someone who still has a vestige of sense left, he acknowledges that he could not continue as a judge. That we applaud him for. But the hypocrisy is real, so real that he is impaled upon it, for by whining now about impaling himself he acknowledges that he was wrong in all of this. That’s why he is trying, hypocritically, to blame others for doing him wrong. Yet his resignation is an irrefutable admission that he was in the wrong and needs help with his appetites that done him in. Jack Thompson, So Sue Me

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    David Lat quotes me above, without attribution, so, David, here is the attribution. I wrote this, below, and above. You’re welcome:

    For a sitting judge not to understand that if you publicly (yes, Virginia, the Internets, as W would say, is/are a public place) advertise for random sex and then, when this public solicitation becomes known to members of the public whom you would like not to know, you claim that your “privacy has been wrongly invaded, then what you raise is serious, reasonable, valid concerns about whether you possess the legal analytical tools to even be on the bench.

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    Audlin needs to join various other judges, among those in Broward in particular, at the nearest shock treatment rehab center dealing with drunks, druggies, and sexaholics who sit in judgment of others while having problems that make most of the defendants appearing before them look like lightweights.
    Talk about scary. These judges need not only step down, but lose the pensions they’re paid by the public for doing anything but what they are supposed to be doing.
    And I’ve got news for u: Shaking his penis at potential nibblers over the internet is not by any definition one of his official duties. Neither is driving drunk and lying under oath like a few others.
    These people obviously have mental problems, addiction problems, drug or alcohol problems or all of the above and should not be sitting as judges.

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    I’ll bet he wears a black bag over his head to match his judicial robe when he’s having sex with an equally anonymous sex hookup. At 6.5 he ain’t gonna get the attention he so badly wants anyway. Maybe an implant is his only real option !!! LOL

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    Why would he have resigned if he felt he did nothing wrong? That’s the real question that should be addressed. It’s simple and he knows it. So stop trying to blame anybody else for anything. Moron. And this dude is the Chief Judge of Monroe County? Some legal mind.

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    I would have thought people would line up to lick his O Ring for a share of 150,000 a year. I guess it takes more than a government handout and a pension to keep fresh faces looking up at you after a long day acting superior to everybody else. Good news, now he can advertise for law school interns that need a job. There’s a silver lining after all.

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    One of the worst things about this Judge Audlin is the ridiculous spin he tried to put on his eminent departure from a job he should never have had to begin with if he couldn’t keep his compulsions under control.
    Attempting to place the blame of what led to his ultimate resignation for any reasons other than that which lies solely upon himself and his total lack of discretion and open and wanton disregard for the cannons of ethics governing judicial office holders is ludicrous and self-serving, although indicative of someone who would openly solicit sex over the internet describing the pathetic length of his penis with the tag words “Lets get Sweaty”.
    This incident should serve as a warning to the rest of the judge clowns that think that just because they sit as judges they are somehow above the laws of decency and ethics that govern the rest of us.
    I don’t care how he attempts to rationalize it.
    I wouldn’t want a judge with such obvious sexual and mental problems involved in making any decisions involving any case I might have in front of him.
    He has no one to blame but himself and obviously he ultimately came to that conclusion when he made the only decision I could agree with, to resign from office without delay.
    Now he can comb the internet for all the sex he wants to without the public paying for it.

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    The only thing Audlin really regrets is he ain’t gonna be sucking at the public trough anymore. The rest as they say is history. He’ll have plenty of time on his hands now.

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    Interesting he tries to paint all gay men the same by trying to say his behavior is same for all gays. It’s not. Like straight people, some have voracious sexual appetites and some don’t. Like straight people, some use dating sites, some don’t. The more I think about this, I think Audlin is a jerk.

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    Why did he quit if in his perception of things he did nothing wrong by hanging out on a pickup site like Manhunt? Sorry, but I’m not buying it.

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    What about Claudia Robinson? Does anyone really want to elect her as judge when she breaks the law by getting drunk and soliciting strippers to go into the back room so she can make out with them and fondle their breasts while her cop husband watches?

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