We’re told Marty Bidwill, covering for John Contini this morning, announced in open court Contini’s request to transfer out of the criminal division to family. The request has apparently been granted.  Dennis Bailey will swap with Contini, taking over FG starting Monday, August 24th …

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    Request granted !!! Lol. They had no other choice but to transfer Contini out. He had no other choice. He opened his big mouth, gave them what they needed and out he goes. He never was very bright and now it’s Bidwill to deal with. It could have been worse though.

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      Does this mean that the family court system is going to suffer? Will this Judge side with the Dead Beat Dads & Domestic Violence Offenders? Will he neglect ruling in the best interest of the children? Judge Dennis Bailey served my case very well and ruled in the best interest of my children. I pray that Contini doesn’t f** it up and change anything. I have a crazy ex Narcissistic Sociopath who for over 7 years will not let it go and just do what is right. He continues to slander, lie, & deceive the court. I pray that Contini will serve the best interest of my children as Judge Bailey & even Judge Rothschild ruled.

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        It is my personal experience that Judge Contini does not only side with but also instructs in ex parte hearings the Dead beats who have willfully abandoned and abused their children how to continue said abuse via the court. If his extralegal order from an ex parte hearing had not been vacated by Honorable Judge Ehlrich it would have undoubtedly had disastrous consequences for my young daughter. I have never met or spoke with Judge Contini but his actions give me chills and make me fear for the safety of Broward County children with him on the bench.

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          That’s interesting.
          They sell children to pedophiles here in the 15th.
          The wealthy like children. Childnet is a clearing house.

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      If the PD flubs it up like they did Duffy, they have nothing to fear. They can’t even write a motion that sticks. Lol

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        To anonymous a/k/a “Michael” :

        If I author an opinion or comment, particularly one which is, or which may be seen as, critical of an opinion or comment authored by another party, I sign my name directly below that comment or opinion.

        You, conversely and unsurprisingly, hide behind a moniker while you criticize Bill Gelin, a real gentleman, who has a sack – and has proven that he does – time and again. A big one at that.

        Diamond Dave Dohner II

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          Not another boob obsessed by sack this sack that. You obviously weren’t born with one yourself. So dream on sackless .

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      This practice of throwing out defense judges by the sa and winding up with judges with majority prosecutorial backgroung has to be investigated. The constant delay of cases is primarily due to this reason and no one bats an eye.

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    Mr. Gelin: What bothered me the most about the FG issue last week is that Sivershein didn’t respect the robe.

    Like in the military you salute the rank, not the person, but with Silvershein, it was totally personal. I have to say it. Bullies and haters — it should be required reading.

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    Grow up u bunch of punks. Alls fair in the courtroom. Contini Is the one who went way too far regarding something he had been ordered was no longer his responsibility. He fell into it like a novice instead of anticipating how he was being lead down the path of no return. Pretty arrogant if you ask me, not to mention stupid.

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      So you are saying there was a concerted effort on the part of the state to set the judge up to look stupid. How about the attempt to add cases not meeting criteria set fourth by the DCA, are we supposed to ignore that indiscretion now that “one of our own is on the bench.” Anybody can see that the game is rigged. Game of Thrones: Broward Criminal Division.

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      Contini is a nice guy but should never have been a judge. All these jokers should be thoroughly psychologically tested and drug tested before they are robed by the biggest idiot of all Weinstein. He should be unceremoniously dumped for the damage he’s done among the members of the judiciary. Can you say enabler enough times?

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    Mr. Gellin: Another one

    CASE NO. 13010756CF10A

    Broward Judicial Complex
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    August 11, 2015

    The above-entitled case came on for hearing before the Honorable JOHN PETER CONTINI, as Judge of the Circuit Court, in court pursuant to notice.




    TUESDAY, AUGUST 11, 2015, 11:36 A.M.
    MR. COHEN: Morganshteyn on 19. This was a case where the motion to suppress was granted and all the evidence was suppressed. The time for appeal ran but this was added to the list of cases that are stayed.
    THE COURT: It’s not pending sentencing if the state hasn’t appealed.
    MR. COHEN: No.
    THE COURT: And this person cannot be sentenced. So, again, I don’t believe it’s pending sentencing.
    MR. COHEN: No. And at the time they put it on the list, I believe that they knew the time for appeal had already ran.
    MS. POGUE: That’s not true.
    MS. POGUE: That’s not accurate.
    MR. COHEN: When did they put it on the list?
    MS. POGUE: This case was on the list whenever our first motion was filed, which was either May the 25th, which was after the motion was heard but before it was granted or since whenever the original motion was filed. That’s when they asked for clarification, Judge. I don’t have the dates off the top of my head.
    THE COURT: Ms. Pogue did not put it on the list.
    MR. COHEN: I know she didn’t.
    THE COURT: I can’t force the state to nolle prosse the case. I can’t. That’s their decision when they decide to do that. I can say, however, it’s no longer pending sentencing.
    So, for it to be included on that list is extremely disingenuous and somebody needs to make a motion to the Fourth to take it off the list, as a lot of lawyers have done.
    They are filing motions to have it taken off the list. Go to the Fourth and have it taken off the list, because it shouldn’t — these cases should not be on the list. They are not pending sentencing.
    So, again, for the attorney general to include these cases on a list is a fraud on the Fourth.
    MR. COHEN: I am agreeing that at this point, Judge, it should be taken off list, and I didn’t want to incur additional attorney fees to my client to file motions to take something off the list that shouldn’t be on the list.
    THE COURT: I understand.
    MR. COHEN: I’ll inform them of what it is.
    And like I said, I thought that the State Attorney’s Office may just agree because, like I said, the time for the appeal has run and the motion was granted. They don’t want to agree.
    MS. POGUE: I cannot agree to confer jurisdiction on the Court.
    THE COURT: Nolle prosse, nolle prosse, the state can unilaterally nolle pross anytime they want.
    MR. COHEN: 100 percent, Judge.
    THE COURT: The Fourth DCA can’t tell a prosecutor when to nolle prosse a case. They can nolle prosse anytime they want, so the facts and the law with the state.
    They can look at this case and say they decided not to appeal it, there’s no evidence to proceed. They can nolle prosse it whenever they damn well feel like it.
    MR. COHEN: Correct. That’s my understanding.
    MS. POGUE: Respectfully, Judge, we’d be asking for a one month reset.
    THE COURT: I’m not going to give you a date. There’s no reason to give you a date.
    If you need a date, go to the Fourth and get the stay lifted or file whatever you have to file in whatever form you have to file it, because, again, you are held to certain ethical responsibilities as a lawyer. And they are held to certain ethical responsibilities under the code of professional responsibility where a prosecutor 4-1 the 2. Is held to a higher standard phone seek justice.
    So, if you know what responsibilities they are held to and they have of a responsibility to nolle prosse because they haven’t timely appealed, then they have to live with whether or not they are complying with the Code of Professional Responsibility.
    Just like you have to live with the fact of whether or not you are complying with the Code of Professional Responsibility.
    I’m not setting a new date in a case that I’m understanding what we nolle prossed. It’s not pending sentencing.
    MR. COHEN: You got it, Judge.
    THE COURT: It’s not on the list, in my opinion, it shouldn’t be because it’s a fraud on the Fourth DCA for an attorney general to have included this on a list of cases that are pending sentencing when it’s not pending sentencing.
    MS. POGUE: Thank you, Judge.
    THE COURT: Thank you.
    (Proceedings concluded at 11:39 a.m.)
    Page break

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    My boyfriend’s case is one of the cases that has been postponed due to this .. I have been to every court date and I can say that Judge Contini is a very fair judge .. He believes in trying to give some people a second chance to come out and better themselves. I would have liked him to continue on my boyfriends case.. I hope Judge Bailey takes into consideration the cases that have been on hold for the past five months and makes smart decisions.. I pray that everything will work out and that my boyfriend will be able to get out soon.. My biggest complain is with the public defender. . She never answers her calls and isn’t very knowledgeable on my boyfriends case ..I know they have many cases to deal with but they need to remember they are dealing with people’s lives…

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      Bailey on a good day will have criminal defense lawyers begging for the return of O’Connor or the resurrection of Aleman

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    History repeating itself, as in each and everytbhime, a newly appointed criminal court judge even thinks about leaning in a liberal direction and is therefore a puzzle piece not quite recognized as fitting into the existing black robe culture, that the state has orkee so hard to control, that division becomes troubled.J

    I have known JCsince his days as qa mm prosecutor, defense layer and shortly as a judge.THE MAN TOOK THE RESPONSIBILITES AND ALL THAT COMES 2ITH IT MOST SERIOUSLY. HE CAME out slo as most but predominately as a sign of extreme conscientiusness qand not getting it wrong. THAT IS ADMIRABLE..HE CONTINUED TO MOVE AT HIS PACE AND THE CHANGES ERE APPARENT WHENMY VISITS ERE WWEEKD APART BUT MANY OVER THE FIRST MONTH.The most innocuous court action, is suddenly a state perceived problem. Once this simple process is turned into an issue that is designed and promoted as a STATE V. defense issue, broward prosecutors are known for turning that standard and frequent growing pain, everpresent whenever a newly appointed judge takes a division, and hen the jusge is outspoken and unafraid, the state knows exactly have to force him out with asking him or overtly pushing for his transfer. that might be to overt and honest. So the state employs a tactic that , requires an untenable and disingenuous position which, by virtue of the sincere and real nature of the soft, compassionate , ccircuit criminal ne comer, results in a sleazy, underhanded and disingenuous courtroom exchange, pitting judge against hard core, disingenuous , higher ranking state player, who only has one speed and is kept and advanced bc of his single speed and stiff manner, creates the tension and wrath that any honorable judge, who is unafraid, ill engage. AS DIPLOMATIC AS JC can be, the things that make him a leader, bring about the very response the state seeks to evoke, by whatever means possible.
    So hen the Silvershein/Contini transcript exchange, where JS, in his usual form, sore under oath several times that the black elephant in the room as not black or in the room. JC is the only of a fe who would remain calm but when these state instigators, persist, despite soft spoken inquiry from JC ith identical absurdity with a straight face, Contini does what a grounded, reasonable, and fair guy does. He knows when to cut bait annd to abandon the idea of having a genuine and respectful exchange with a guy who is anything but. being the bigger man, jc abandons his mission impossible after impressively , letting the anumus go and simply making the only and best move that is the best product of the states headgame.

    Silverseins repeated claims of transparency and denials of ugly misrepresentations to the higher court that by anyones standards are to be kind disingenuous, become by design too outrageous to let go, and the finer judges, ill invariably express either odds, tones or a sagger that is siezed upon by the state and paraded around as the ireversible reason this cannot go on.
    Knoing the state;’s mo and regardless og the equities, it is the judge ho is moved to other pastures, contain, in the immediate aftermath of this who down, asked for family court transfer, knoing its alay better to have some control vs leaving it to those ho do the states ddirtywork. SO another great, compassionate and truly impartial judge leaves forced out and coincidentally, that same day, the 4th grants contains relief allowing him to remain. Ironically, if for no other reason, the living proof in the greater quality of the man was undeniable his one desire to prepare to move for the good of the people, mskes him the juedges; judge hile the states tactics, lack of concern for the people and theuir cqses and the tactivs employede by them show aqanything but honr, integrity or the needs of the people and hen u thought his exit was unable of getting better, his parting words weredirected forward as to the positive aspects of his move to help bring compassion, fairness and the welfare of those family court litigants this friends , is the perfect circumstance and demonstration drawing the line between a great man and judge and the small, minor league manipulations that were the very makeup and tactics employed by the smaller men of the stateWHEN U ARE MINDFUL OF THE NOBODY PERFECT U HAVE A GUY HOSE MISTAKES SERVE HIM AND NOT TO BE REPEATED. HES GOT THE BALLS TO GO OUT ON A LIMB, EXPRESS HOSTILITY DESPITE THE FEAR MOST ALLOW TO STIFLE AND HE ACCEPTS HIS CONSEQUENCES LIKE A MAN, HE KNOS WHEN TO SHUT UP AND MOVE ON BUT HES GONNA TELL IT IKE IT IS AND MAKE HIS ON MOVE FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL THESE ARE THR TRAITS OF A REAL HONORABOE JURIST, JC LEGACY WILL BE REMEMBERED AS AMONG THE GREATEST JURISTS TO VER SIT

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    Broward Circuit Judge Dennis Bailey will swap places with Contini and take over his criminal cases starting Monday. A repeat offender facing life in prison after a robbery conviction in March was granted a new trial after the judge who presided over the last trial took himself off the case before sentencing.

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    Bailey is just a former prosecutor in robes. Former SA and then former partner of Tony Loe Asa who left, went out in private practice, couldn’t hack it and returned to SA’s office to suck at the public trough some more. This is what replaces judge Contini ? That’s the game bubbies ! Safe enough even for Silvershein or pac rat Raft. Weinstein bows to the state. Grease it up Whiney ! No big whoop ! Just how the game is played in Broward. Play it or leave it ! Lol

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