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    This is what was posted on the court’s website regarding the tentative scheduled reopening of the court house on Monday, September 18th

    “There was a conference call with all stakeholders including Broward County Administration, Broward Clerk of Courts, State Attorney and Public Defender. We were informed that the courthouses all have had some water intrusion and County staff is working on that issue now. As everyone is aware, many people, from employees to litigants, are without power and/or water. Schools will be closed through Friday, causing a hardship for those with children to get to the courthouse. Further, many traffic signals throughout the County are still not operational and pose a danger to anyone trying to get to the courthouse. Therefore, the decision was made to keep the courthouses closed through Friday, September 15, 2017. We anticipate reopening on Monday, September 18, 2017”


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      The damage is unclear at this time. Judge Weinstien has been tasked with photographing the damage and will issue a report.

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    I’m voting for him because he would never leave town and go to Europe during a hurricane and risk losing a free week off.

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