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      Oh wait she woukd to know because her and the hubby took off to Europe. Let them eat cake. Big props for putting up photos traipsing around Europe at the same time the rest of if us are trying to protect our homes and help our communities. Everyone has the right to leave but to post photos of your good times in the faces of those who suffered through the storm is classless. Good hear about the many Judges who stayed through the storm and have been helping out the less fortunate in our community.

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          How stupid. If you have the means to get out of dodge so be it. To put up photos while people are suffering is very tone deaf. While you may snicker at the thought, Judge are expected to be leaders in our community.

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            Obviously any Judge or judicial candidate should be asked how they helped out during this period. Anyone can say “granted” or “denied” so it really boils down to involvement and leadership in the community, especially when things are toughest. It’s not called public service because of the excellent pay and pension after all.

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        Nina, it’s a little to late to untag yourself and remove those fun photos on Facebook partying it up in Europe at the same time Broward was deveststed by a hurricane. Be happy, at least the time you hid in Europe won’t count as vacation time since the courthouse has been closed.

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        Money doesn’t make class. Entitled and obnoxious. She acts like she’s hot shit. She is not hot, but maybe some sort of shit. She is completely oblivious as to what her colleagues think of her. Let’s see how that reelection goes….maybe her husband won’t feel like putting up money next time.

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