It’s been a long time since either the Florida Bar or the Broward Bar Association (BCBA) issued a judicial poll for the 17th Circuit.  In fact, the only ones we could find online were this one from 2002  by the Bar, and this one from 2008  by BCBA.  Rumor has it judges don’t like being rated, which is reason enough for JAABLOG to pick up the ball and run with it.

So here’s the deal.  Judges will be broken up by division assignments, and rank (county or circuit).  Larger divisions, like criminal, will be subdivided by floor, so as not to overwhelm the voting public.  Groups of judges will go out every so often for rating, again so as not to overload those who care to share an opinion.  Votes will be cast in the form of your comments, and preserved online for anyone searching in the future for a Broward judicial poll or survey.

Ours is a lot less scientific than theirs, but much more than checking a box.  As previously stated, it’s just your comments, which means you can be as detailed as you want.  Topic areas to consider are Intelligence Level, Integrity/Ethics, Demeanor & Temperament, Work Ethic, Efficiency & Office Management, and for circuit judges, Qualifications For Chief Judge.  Check out the BCBA’s 2008 categories for a more exhaustive list of criteria, or make up your own.  Anything you have to add is relevant, and the public has a right to know.

And now, starting with circuit criminal 4th floor, here are the first judges to be rated:

   Ilona Holmes        Lisa Porter            Raag Singhal      Mike Rothschild     Matt Destry

Make Your Voice Heard!


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    Pretty sure the readership of this blog does NOT represent a scientifically reliable sample.

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    I don’t think a scientist is needed to figure Destry is the bottom of this barrel.

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    Destry fails in all the categories listed and is possibly (and that’s saying allot when painting a picture of Broward Judges) the worst judge sitting.
    Porter is reasonably good and improving but could use a course in toning down her sense of self importance. She’s only a judge in Broward after all, not Ellen Degeneres.
    If you can get by the poor attitude, big mouth and acting out from the bench of Holmes, you can sometimes get a fair trial.
    Singhal is more concerned with politics than being a judge if you can separate the two in Broward and needs the job.
    Rothchild is better than his father (not saying much) but lacks experience.
    And as far as The bar not conducting a Bar Poll of Judges in Broward; Would you expect anything else from a bunch of judicial political hacks most of which are brown nosing Broward Judges to the point of absurdity only to look like the idiots they are and continue to make matters worse.
    The Bar rates the lowest in the drama that is the mess of poorly performing judges in Broward.
    By the looks of things in Broward, if they’re not driving drunk or lying under other to save their skins or being removed from office by the JQC or involved in the Rothstein Scam (sounds like more is coming on that issue) you’ve got very few judges that are even worth their weight in salt.
    I’m interested in following the rest of your poll and you may continue to count on my candid appraisal of all judges polled.

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    Destry in my opinion would definitely rate at the bottom of the poll. Is he loony tunes or what? Very bad temperament and even less knowledge of the law.

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    Great. Make room for all the judicial brown nosers who will likely write something nice & then sign their name to it.

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    Destry is tough, and sentences tough – but he is smart. Also he is one of the few Board Certified in criminal law.

    Before you say he is State-oriented, know that he granted a JOA in a 1st degr PBL case.

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    I already commented on Destry (tough but fair), so let me finish it out:

    Singhal gets high marks for temperament and hard-working. Rothschild has to be discounted a bit for his ‘let me try to please all’ approach. My position had me in his room often, watching him deny motions that seasoned judges would’ve granted – all because he didn’t want to appear too defense oriented. (also his self-aggrandizing op.ed. piece on racism is bad – wow, Mike, that’s some hard hitting news there!). Still, he has to rank above Porter who won’t really listen & has her mind made up already on how she’s gonna deny something the defense wants. Holmes, however, comes in at the bottom of this group.

    So: Singal/Destry tied at first, then Rothschild, Porter, Ilona

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    I was worried Mike R was too young for Circuit but he’s carried himself with more grace than jurists twice his age. I might have to rethink this idea that legacies on the judiciary are generally a bad idea.

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    Judge Destry shows up late to court every day and then keeps staff in court forever. Very inconvenient and inconsiderate.

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    Who cares about a survey. Broward voters don’t do anything about bad Judges except reelect them. What’s the point.

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    Queen Ilona is smartest Judge in the world. Go ahead and ask her, if confirmation is needed.

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    I see the direction this is taking. You’ve started out with the worst four. None of this pic is very good. Low marks for some pretty bad judges.

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    Ilona – qualified, but, temperament issue
    Raag – qualified
    Porter – qualified
    Rothchild – not qualified, inexperienced and no different than dad.
    Destry – res ipsa loquitar

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    Judge Singhal has the best temperament and demeanor. Also the best rulings. Not just on that floor but he’s one of the best in the courthouse. Then judge Porter. Judge Destry is just inconsiderate. He has the worst temperament!

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    Destry is a disaster, keeps people in jail for no reason, talks down to attorneys, prosecutor in a robe. Holmes has no life, so why should you? Porter, Singhal, and Rothschild take the job as an honor and responsibility, what more can the people of Broward ask for?

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    Porter is extremely intelligent and was a thorough and fair prosecutor.

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    Rothchild like Ross, Miranda, Scherer, all legacies, all there thanks to daddy or husband, all inexperienced.

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    Not very impressed with any of them. Allot of room for improvement starting with some knowledge of the law and progressing to demeanor correction classes. The dumbest may be Rothchild with the worse attitude going to Destry.

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    Suffice it to say that broward has the worst judges in the state. None of these are no exception to that rule. Had experience with all of them.

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    Funny how everyone on this blog clamors for someone to take on a sitting judge in an election and when they do there is hardly a peep about it. Did you guys ever hear of John Contini? Geez, you only complain but don’t support. Typical

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    No one cares about Feren. He’s not in Criminal.

    While everyone would love to see Rosenthal gone, no one thinks Mclawrence can win.

    Richards is in Criminal, and perceived as a goner. That is why Kasen is receiving support.

    None of this reflects positively on the lame-o Criminal Bar but this is how they roll. They go with the winner every time.

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    FACTS NOW has been doing this for years. We started a court watch program which Judge Charles Greene tried to intimidate because he didn’t like that the public was actually watching and taking notes of his demeanor and all of the above issues you talk about. As a matter of fact we have been keeping just this kind of information on judges and lawyers for years in a very neutral manner. I am Caren Ragan who was mocked by Judge Charles Greene because NOW court watch came to view my trial. He was angry and attacked like a tyrant full of himself. Yet he erred 39 times on my case and then tried to get me to take a “Special Deal” so that I wouldn’t appeal my case. You should contact NOW/ to see what they have already compiled. I for one will tell you that Judge Charles Greene is a protector of pedophiles and sex offenders. This summer I also will alert the people to his predilection of being pro-pedophile. The facts are the facts. It is about time you are doing this and if you really care there are literally hundreds of people that are already doing this “Unjust Justice” is one group, “Safe Child Coalition” is another group. Just visited Washington DC and met with 16 representatives, they might not do much. But they do know about the judges that protect pedophiles. All documented and delivered.

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    Here is example from 2006 of one of the letters written to a local paper about Broward judges. I didn’t include examples or the person’s name, but if you are really interested we could forward you the information we have collected.
    Dear Carmel Ciafera:

    I spoke to you last week about our concern about and documentation of Judicial misconduct by several of the judges in Broward County. I have compiled a packet for your perusal.

    It contains copies of letters written to the JQC, Gov. Bush, and many others. It also has copies of some of our court watch evaluation.

    Please do not hesitate to call me with questions and your opinion of this information. The are more documents, which I am in the process of gathering and will forward to you as they become available.

    Judge Korda, who was a Family Court Judge is just one of many who have ruined the lives of parents and children. This is an epidemic that has spread throughout the country. Enclosed is a copy of just one of the many letters our organizations receives pleading for justice and a return to sanity in the courts.

    I sincerely await hearing from you.

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    Richards was banished from the main Courthouse because he made the other Judges look bad by trying cases every day. That’s another reason why downtown lawyers don’t care about his race.

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    Holmes showed judgment of the worst kind in her loyalty to Gardner and the Boulis mistrial.

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    Yeah. Been in other districts, Broward is hands down the worst of the worst!

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    Anyone who thinks destry is state oriented should check out what’s pending with the 4th

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    Korda is still doing it under the trees in Hollywood! Saw him there just the other day! I couldn’t believe my eyes. You would have though this creep would have learned something from the last time. Some people just never learn. Broward has the worst judges you could imagine!

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    当然のことながら、この作品の文学のカノン; として使用されるべきブラック レターは、悪魔のプラダを着たを上回っています。いくつかの偉大な文学に求められているだけについて深い知識と手がかりを持つ学生と同じ 50 での経験を持つものとしてだけでなく、これまで特定のエッセイのこの部分の AP 英語言語文学としては引き続き動作を生成できます。あなた自身の要件複数の代替セクション、ロマンス語は人気アポストロフィ (およびない項目句読点) 知っているように指示されている特定の重要な用語、日付、すべてのそれらの事実のエッセイ カテゴリだけでなく、それは順序で漸進的により有用な対象作業に非常に精通するこの文献から。

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    My family had the experience of Judge Porter assigned to our case. We have no grievance . She was knowledgable about the case and, in our opinion, conducted her court in a fair manner.

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    I have always enjoyed practicing in front of Judge Holmes. I’ve had two pretty complex motions to suppress in front of her and won them both. She was always very pleasant to me. Then again, I never had any problems with Aleman either. There were guys who liked to fuck around and jerk her chain. For the most part, I sided with her. She was very pro state, so what? If you were prepared and did what you told her you were going to do at the last calendar call, you had no issues with her. I also thought Stanton Kaplan was the best judge Broward County has ever had. Never, ever, ever got a raw deal in his court. The problem is that most of the douche bags say “I need to set depositions” 5 calendar calls in a row. If you do your job you won’t have problems with most any of the judges. Judges have bad days too, but the constant bitching about judges because they expect you to do your job is pretty stupid.

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    So is berman still playing his video games during trial and then taking out his little ducky anger on defendants

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    And by the way smoking isn’t the sin if you are smoking alone in a park near kids tells you real agenda

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