Bailiff Steve Palacios has been arrested on Dealing in Stolen Property accusations.  He’s been with Barbara McCarthy for ages.  More to come …

SS: Palacios accused of spending money stolen by ex-wife

Ex-bailiff Preston sentenced for child porn

Herald: Weinstein has time to laud Rosenthal, but not to talk about Broward’s mental health crisis?

SS: Nikki Grossman joining Mel in retirement

SS: Broward Sheriff’s deputy, civilian employee suspended

SS: Dutko and Stark knock Satz’s latest slow pitch out of the park

SS: Satz drops major charges against Koepke and Dodge (8/14)

SS: SCOTUS seals Watson’s fate

BrowardBeat: Lying Causes Downfall Of A Judge…Again

BrowardBeat: Broward Courthouse’s Holiday Gift For Gov. Scott

Coming SoonTwo openings in Satz’s Homicide Unit?

40 thoughts on “BUSTED!”

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    Are all the judges and court personnel on something in Broward. The judges are either drunk or drugged up and the bailiffs have sticky fingers ??? LOL

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    Thought the bailiffs were just into kiddie porn. They are all a bunch of morons in Broward. Who’s screening these misfits ?

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    Didn’t McCarthy’s JA have a problem at the scanner a while ago that involved police?

    I hate dealing with that division.

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    And they have the nerve to run a professionalism panel against lawyers when it’s the Judges and Bailiffs that ruin it for everyone.

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    Amazing the lengths that some people will go through just to get away from Judge McCrazy! Prison has to be a lot better than dealing with that nasty sourpuss everyday!

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      New/Old regulations for running for office. It’s getting old. It came out the last election cycle. Just a reminder. Run on your own time, bitches !

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        Nobody is allowed to eclipse the political ambitions of Howie. To run for office means you want to leave and that’s simply not allowed. However I understand they just had another mass evac of employees! Lol. Their are not a lot of happy campers in the PD’s office except the double dippers and ones hoping to be able to ride it out.

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        No worries, the public records requests for the hours she claiming to work and transponder records will be coming very soon. It will be interesting to compare her on the clock “work time” to all the daytime events she keeps attending.

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    If he’s found guilty and goes to prison the other inmates can ssssh him like he does the lawyers in court………………

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    Or if he’s found guilty and gets probation he can work in Judge Imperato’s courtroom and they can carpool to the probation office together after work for drug testing………

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    Always thought this guy was shady but Mc Carthy is such a whackjob thought it just carried over to the moron bailiffs.

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    Another touching figure straight out of the Broward Court System. If it’s not the judges showing up on the bench stinking drunk it’s the bailiffs just trying to earn a few nickels on the side. Broward bailiffs are a stupid bunch of morons.

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    Where do we start with the court deputies? Let me count the ways. It’s the rude, hostile unbecoming way they interact with the court staff and attorneys. It’s the arrogant way they throw their weight around that has nothing to do with courtroom security. It’s the way the SCREAM at court staff and attorneys and the public like animals. It’s the use of cell phones to promote gossip instead of being a device for professional communication.

    In Miami Corrections personnel are taught courtesy and in Broward they are taught hostility, arrogance, ignorance and total disdain for anyone but themselves.

    I don’t find “He go” in the dictionary. How about a passing familiarity with the English language?

    It’s pretty scary that they are hired or even allowed to remain.

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